It's Raining, It's Pouring

Saturday, February 18, 2012
And my son doesn't wanna take a nap!! I've been trying to get Aaron down for a nap for over half an hour now - he's gonna give in any minute, I just know it! We have a birthday party this afternoon and then the kids are playing next door while Michael and I have a date night, so he really needs a good nap so he won't be a little toot during all that. He usually isn't really, but he's been kinda congested this week so he isn't his usual perky self still.

Emma is working on a birthday card for this afternoon and a few other little crafty projects - perfect idea for this rainy day! My rainy day ideas weren't as fun - they included laundry, cleaning floors, cleaning the kitchen and putting this yumminess together for lunch today!
Into the oven it goes! OhEmGee this is on a be good! #dinner
Okay - so maybe that last part was kinda fun - I don't consider cooking a chore really. I did get to sit down to crochet some. I finished Emma's scarf I'd been working on yesterday and she loved it. She wore it to school yesterday, too.
Emma loved her new scarf! She wore it to school yesterday! #crochet #imadeitmyself
I was rather proud of it and thought it turned out very pretty! I'm also working on another one for my niece's little girl. I thought I'd had it finished then ran out of yarn, so I actually undid all the stitches made with the entire blue skein and did a smaller stitch instead so I'll be able to complete it without having to run out to the store in this yucky weather!

I'm really missing the beautiful skies we had last weekend!
It's a Beautiful Day!! #sunshine #Sky #clouds
It was so gorgeous outside and though I know we need the rain when it comes it tends to bring on a bit of cabin fever, too! It was pretty awesome this morning, though laying in bed and listening to it rain so hard outside around 5am! Best snuggling weather!! Tomorrow the sun should peek back out some, though and maybe a little Monday, too which would be great b/c I'm off Monday!

Here's to a long weekend - hope you all have a great one! Stay Dry!!