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Aaron's Birthday Party Pics

We had such a great time Saturday for Aaron's birthday party! We didn't do anything elaborate, but it was still lots of fun! Big thanks to everyone that came out to play & celebrate Aaron turning two years old! He got so many great presents - he has LOTS of new trains now, new cars, new clothes, and a Thomas the Train backpack that he loves! He's been asking me, "Tickets Please!" all day today! LOL!! 
I was having such a great time myself I didn't get a lot of pictures...okay, I admit it - I like to play the games, too! I just can't help myself - ha ha! 
(click the pictures to advance through them all)

My BABY turned 2 Yesterday!

I cannot believe it's been two whole years since we became a foursome!   This beautiful, tiny little boy is now a toddler - that makes tear up just thinking about it! I don't know what I would do without this handsome little man in my life! He is such a blessing to our family and I have proof that he is a blessing to his sister even if she says he takes her stuff (she takes his, too! LOL)... I hope my babies always have this much love for one another! Both my babies are actually home sick today...I hope they are on the end of whatever they have been fighting for a couple days - especially b/c Aaron's birthday party is tomorrow and I want him to have a blast tomorrow!

Tribute to Single Moms

I love my babies & am so proud of how good they are...most of the time, hee hee! They aren't too hard to handle in public or on my own, but sometimes when I have them out on my own I really appreciate my hubby & I think about single moms doing it on their own all the time. Especially single moms of multiples! Today I had a couple adventures on my own with the kids that made me so thankful for what good kids they are & think about other moms that are on their own all the time.

I met my niece early this morning and was planning to leave from there to go to Michael's work to pick him up, but when I got to the parking lot & tried to leave my car wouldn't start. After a while and some help from a few nice strangers we got it going that time Michael had already left work to come rescue us, so he was able to just follow us home. I was glad my niece was there and I wasn't just stranded on my own with my babies - that could be a scary situation. It co…

It's Raining, It's Pouring

And my son doesn't wanna take a nap!! I've been trying to get Aaron down for a nap for over half an hour now - he's gonna give in any minute, I just know it! We have a birthday party this afternoon and then the kids are playing next door while Michael and I have a date night, so he really needs a good nap so he won't be a little toot during all that. He usually isn't really, but he's been kinda congested this week so he isn't his usual perky self still.

Emma is working on a birthday card for this afternoon and a few other little crafty projects - perfect idea for this rainy day! My rainy day ideas weren't as fun - they included laundry, cleaning floors, cleaning the kitchen and putting this yumminess together for lunch today!
Okay - so maybe that last part was kinda fun - I don't consider cooking a chore really. I did get to sit down to crochet some. I finished Emma's scarf I'd been working on yesterday and she loved it. She wore it to school…

My name is going to be on a building!

Our company is building a new office building - it's set to be complete in 2013. Our current building is 31 stories tall & the new one is going to be the same height. They will be side by side with the current parking garage in between them & a covered air-conditioned breeze way connecting them - that will be nice b/c currently to walk to our other building we have to get outside and walk over a bridge, which is fine if the weather is nice, but if it's raining or scorching heat it isn't too pleasant.

The big building we're in now is called Lake Robins Tower, usually referred to simply as the Tower, though. The new building I believe is going to be called Woodloch Tower - it may be referred to later as the New Tower - who knows. But there have been references made calling them the Twin Towers, which is both cool and rather unnerving at the same time. We are all still excited about the new building, though. It's going to have it's own cafe & gym, like…

Homeward Bound!

Just a Little "Me" Time

Yesterday & Friday I took PTO to spend a little time with me! I didn't do too much really, but it was nice to "not" do much!! I went shopping, got a manicure one day & a pedicure another day, I got a massage, had lunch with a friend. Just simple stuff! Friday night we took the kids to play & eat dinner at Incredible Pizza, Saturday we spent the whole day at my parents' house & Sunday we had friends over after church for fajitas & to watch the Superbowl - loved the half time show by the way!!
It was pretty awesome to have a couple days to myself w/out anything planned so I could just do whatever came to mind at the moment! I did spend a little extra time in the mornings with my babies - that was so nice! They get up so early these days & Emma likes to get Aaron out of his bed now, so they both come into my room & wake me up in the mornings & we snuggle & watch cartoons till it's time to get up and get going!

Here's a little …