It's a New Year

Tuesday, January 03, 2012
It is really hard to believe that it's 2012 already - I know everyone says that! But it is true I guess! And that means that Aaron is about to be 2 years month!!! Wow! Time really is moving by quickly.

We had a great New Year's weekend. It was pretty low key, but lots of family time and lots of mommy-kiddos time, too! Saturday while daddy was out playing with the guys I took the kids to the lake to have a picnic - just the three of us! We stayed out there for a long time and walked all over the place. Emma said we were on Safari! LOL! I love her imagination!

After our picnic lunch and some great exploring I took them by my old school to show them (well, really to show Emma b/c Aaron is too young to understand) where mommy went to school when she was young. Emma had all kinds of questions about my teachers and who my friends were - then she asked me if we had centers! Ha ha! One of the gates were open so we trespassed and went out to one of the playgrounds. We played there for a long time, too. After all this we were all pretty filthy. Me, mostly due to Aaron. Every time I would wipe dirt and sand off him it would end up all over me!! It was alright, though b/c we had a great time!

The weather was perfect & they had a great time with all their cousins and aunts & uncles - we rode the mules and took a hayride and built four huge bonfires. Two Friday night and two Saturday night. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, shot fireworks, rolled in the leaves...all the fun stuff you get to do in the country! They were both pretty worn out by the time midnight rolled around, so they didn't get to ring in the New Year with mom & dad, but I don't think they minded! :)

Today is now their first day apart after being on vacation and with one another all day long for nearly two weeks. I think Aaron is really going to miss Emma today. He was pretty excited to see his babysitter this morning and Cocoa - the puppy - so maybe he'll be too busy to miss her too much! I, however, miss them both dearly!