Friday, January 06, 2012
This time of year it's so beautiful outside, especially in East Texas with all the trees. You could spend all day just driving down back roads and looking at all the beautiful colors! I took a few pictures with my phone this weekend, so I thought I would post an iPhoneography edition of our time in the country.

This is the drive down to my sister's place there...I love all the leaves on the ground with the red and gold colors nearly overtaking the entire road.
Nature's Beauty
I took the kids to play at my old HS - it isn't a HS anymore actually b/c they have since built a new one. This is the same one my Grannie, who is 97, attended. It's a little old! It's a little eerie to be there when it's deserted sometimes, too. I keep thinking someone is peeking through the blinds at us! LOL
More beautiful red leaves...
Love all the colorful leaves on the ground.
Emma & Aaron on Safari at the lake. The sky was pretty overcast the day we had our picnic & adventure at the lake. There was still plenty to see, though & the kids had a great time.
Emma said we're going on safari!!
They love being outside and Aaron loved getting dirty!! He's such a boy...
Yep! They're all dirty!! Means they've been having FUN!

Emma & Aaron are going to miss not being with one another all day long after tomorrow.