iPhone View of our Weekend

Monday, January 16, 2012
My babies spent Saturday night at my parents' house while Michael and I took a little road trip! While we were there Emma fixed us some yummy treats to munch on - the more sprinkles the better, right!?!?
Making cookies with Teta!

Aaron waiting on those yummy treats to be ready!
They aren't done yet?!?!?! #cookies #waitingpatiently #baking

Michael & I hit the road about two. Do you see what I see in this picture??
Riding' Out!
Yes!!! I see the beginnings of crows feet!!! What is up with that?? And I need to find the secret to make them stop & go into reverse - NOW!! :)

Here's the secret - don't smile as big - then my eyes won't squint & you won't see them! HA HA!
Headed across to that neighboring state with all those fun & wild folks!! #Louisiana #casino #Coushatta

For his b'day Michael said he wanted to take an overnight trip to the casino. We haven't been in a while - well, I haven't been in about 4 or 5 years. Michael has taken a couple of boys only trips since then...so his cousin and his gf joined us this weekend and we hit the road to Louisiana!

Sunset on I-10 as we headed West!
Sunset in the rear view! #sunset

I'm not a big gambler, but I do like to roll dice! This game is so much fun, but can also get frustrating!
Feeling lucky??

And it's crazy, but I saw two friends from HS while we were there - now this wouldn't be a big deal except they were not there together and remember, I'm from a tiny little town. Chances would have been a lot higher had I gone to a big school with a lot of people! LOL! It was fun to chat a while and see what was new, though!!

Sunday morning we headed back home! HI TEXAS! Missed you!
Back to our side of the river!! #texas #stateline
We timed it so we'd make it to my parents' house in time to see the Texans kick off! My dad picked up fajitas for everyone and my sister, my niece and her daughter came over. The game didn't have a happy ending, but here's to a good season Texans!

It was a good weekend, but went by way too fast - as they usually do - but even faster with our quick round trip out of town. We had a blast, though. I hope you all had a great weekend, too!!!