Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poker, Fun Run, Auto Show, & a Beautiful Sunday

We had a full & fun weekend! Friday night Michael hosted a poker tournament at the house & we had a big turnout. He didn't make it to the final round this time, but it was still a lot of fun and good visiting with friends and meeting a couple new ones. We were up till 5 hours sleep and then were up at 7am to head out for Emma's first fun run! She did a great job, too - she never stopped. She ran the entire time and I was so proud of her!
She had a couple of friends running with her and she and Carlton stayed pretty close to one another throughout the race. I was able to get a video of both of them crossing the finish line. When she hit the last stretch Michael went to run along side her and cheer her on for the last little bit. When she saw me at the finish line she was excited and ran toward me instead of crossing the finish line first, so I had to get her back on track. LOL! (Excuse me screaming on the video!!)

I have to say, cheesy as it may sound I was tearing up watching my BIG girl go through this event. I was just overly proud of her! She was pretty proud, too I think!

After the run we came back and made a big b'fast for everyone and then my parents came over around lunch time and we headed out for a quick bite of lunch then hit up the auto show at Reliant. It was pretty cool and I found a few cars that I wouldn't mind taking for a test run!

You tell me - which should I choose!! Yellow, blue, or white - what's my color??

Ha ha - yeah right!! I wish!! These are lot more within our budget!!
Still fun to look at, though! Seriously, though I am looking to get a new car this year I think, but I just don't know what I want. I love, love, love my car (I drive a Charger) and it has plenty of room for the four of us, but I know as the kids get bigger and we start taking friends places and carrying around more stuff - it's just going to get too crowded. And I can still get a good price for my car right now - and maybe for about another year - so I figured if I'll be driving the next one for a while, might as well get rid of mine when I can still get something for it. We had a great time looking around at all the new car lines and even had some arts & craft and play time for the kids!
We made it back to our side of town in time for dinner so we stopped in at a local favorite Italian restaurant that my parents hadn't been to before & had an awesome dinner!
Stopped for dinner on the way home!
This morning we were up and at 'em again early for church - went out as a family for brunch after - then the boys went plant shopping and the girls headed out for manicures! Everything things days for Emma has to be in a pattern - so it was no surprise she picked pink and blue glitter polish and had it alternate pink on one finger and blue on the next! LOL - love her!!

The boys were home when we got back and were outside planting their finds already - so we spent the rest of the day outside in the front and back playing - sidewalk chalk, swinging, baseball, playing in the dirt, riding bikes, chasing Sable - you name it. It was just too beautiful a day to stay inside! Here is a quick iPhoneography update of our time playing! (And if you look closely, you can see Emma connecting to the ball - it's white and almost totally hidden by her bat!)
It's been a great weekend. Hard to believe it's January, though - I think I even got a little tan outside today - crazy!! The weekends are getting busy again and not too many weekends from now I've got a special boy's birthday party to put on! I cannot believe in less than one month my baby is going to be TWO!! They are both just growing up way too fast. I'd give anything to freeze them right where they are - I'd even live with changing diapers forever! Ha!

Kids are in bed dreaming already - now it's time for me to get myself ready for work again tomorrow. Thankful for two short work weeks coming up for me - though it really just means I've got to cram more work into the time I'm there. :) Glad I love my job!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!! G'night!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heading Home

Heading Home by Mish Mish

AutoShow was awesome! Closer to deciding what I'd like to get. Time to head back north again now!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So, what's happened since Friday...

Life lately is so busy, I feel like I'm always playing catch up with my posts. I'm lucky to get two or three posts in a week these days. My apologies - I try my best to keep up with everyone, I hope you haven't forgot about me!

Friday I had an appointment with the eye doctor - loooong overdue. I don't wear contacts or glasses or anything, but for the last 6 years I've had a problem with my right eye. The inner white part of my eye will get very red and my eye becomes painful - this happens almost every 6 to 8 weeks it seems. I have a friend from HS who is an eye doctor and she told me a while back what she thought it could be and that I needed to get it checked out. Well, I did on Friday and she was right on the money. It's called Episcleritis and, while there are many things that could cause it, I fall in the idiopathic group of reasons that I'm getting it. While it's good that I don't have any of the numerous problems that cause it, it's a pain b/c it means basically I just have to live with it and treat the symptom. Ugh!
Waiting patiently by this big contraption!!! C'mon already!! #ipatience
So, I got some steroid drops from the eye doctor and when it happens I just have to use the drops and wait till it's gone again - usually about three days.

Saturday morning Michael had to go to work, so we broke out one of Emma's b'day presents that hadn't been opened since she got it in December. Now, this is a fun toy that we've nearly worn out since we opened it! Might need some new batteries - and paint - very soon!! Love spinart!
Spin Art!
In the process!! #spinart
We had a blast making all kinds of color combinations! Today we actually got into again and this time with Emma & Aaron's names - I'll have to remember to get pics of those tomorrow!

We spent the first part of the day cooking b'fast, working on laundry and playing then we got dressed and ready for the day so we could leave for the Monster Jam when daddy got home! We haven't been to see the Monster trucks since we've been married so it was definitely something new for the kids. We didn't tell them where we were going either - it was a surprise till the moment we walked on the stadium floor! We got pit passes so we could get up close and personal with all the trucks! I couldn't wait to see what they thought.

After Emma told us it was awesome and that she had always wanted to go see that!! Ha Ha! I love her! Aaron loved that it was all in the dirt - he would go up to see a truck and then want to start playing in the dirt - LOL - he's all boy! They both had a great time and I'm so glad b/c it really made for a super long day. As soon as we got about a mile down the road headed home they were both out cold and they didn't make a peep till Sunday morning when it was time to get dressed and head to church! We'll definitely go back! Here are a few shots from the event!
I love the expression on Aaron's face in this one! Right after Michael got him down we were told we couldn't do that - we could even get thrown, of course, we didn't do it again, but saw lots of other little guys up on tires. We didn't chance it, though!!
They got to be part of the show by leaving their autographs on one of the crash cars!
and make cheers signs to hold up during the event...Emma took her coloring very seriously!
Emma got her own monster truck right on her arm, too! Can you tell who one of the sponsors were???
And, of course, what we came for - the high flying antics of the Monster Trucks! Grave Digger is always a crowd favorite and he didn't disappoint; however, one truck actually had a female driver and I think she did better than most of the guys!

Today we got up and went to church, had a meal out together and have been outside enjoy this weather most of the day! Our friends were outside while Michael was working in the yard so we pulled out the bikes and scooters and sidewalk chalk and had a good ole time! I cannot believe it's January and we were outside in short pants & barefoot with our shades on like it was Springtime - that's Houston weather, though. After we played outside we came in for dinner and to watch football - well, Michael was watching football and my babies were being so sweet sharing the Kindle and watching cartoons on Netflix - these moments make my heart skip a beat!
<3 I hope they are always so close! Makes my heart swell to see this! #siblings #mybabies #cute
Love seeing this!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Foto For Friday


Some of my favorite moments are when I just sit back and watch my children play together...and hearing Emma & Aaron say "I love you" to one another at night or when they are saying good-bye! Makes my mommy heart skip a beat...or two!

Monday, January 16, 2012

iPhone View of our Weekend

My babies spent Saturday night at my parents' house while Michael and I took a little road trip! While we were there Emma fixed us some yummy treats to munch on - the more sprinkles the better, right!?!?
Making cookies with Teta!

Aaron waiting on those yummy treats to be ready!
They aren't done yet?!?!?! #cookies #waitingpatiently #baking

Michael & I hit the road about two. Do you see what I see in this picture??
Riding' Out!
Yes!!! I see the beginnings of crows feet!!! What is up with that?? And I need to find the secret to make them stop & go into reverse - NOW!! :)

Here's the secret - don't smile as big - then my eyes won't squint & you won't see them! HA HA!
Headed across to that neighboring state with all those fun & wild folks!! #Louisiana #casino #Coushatta

For his b'day Michael said he wanted to take an overnight trip to the casino. We haven't been in a while - well, I haven't been in about 4 or 5 years. Michael has taken a couple of boys only trips since his cousin and his gf joined us this weekend and we hit the road to Louisiana!

Sunset on I-10 as we headed West!
Sunset in the rear view! #sunset

I'm not a big gambler, but I do like to roll dice! This game is so much fun, but can also get frustrating!
Feeling lucky??

And it's crazy, but I saw two friends from HS while we were there - now this wouldn't be a big deal except they were not there together and remember, I'm from a tiny little town. Chances would have been a lot higher had I gone to a big school with a lot of people! LOL! It was fun to chat a while and see what was new, though!!

Sunday morning we headed back home! HI TEXAS! Missed you!
Back to our side of the river!! #texas #stateline
We timed it so we'd make it to my parents' house in time to see the Texans kick off! My dad picked up fajitas for everyone and my sister, my niece and her daughter came over. The game didn't have a happy ending, but here's to a good season Texans!

It was a good weekend, but went by way too fast - as they usually do - but even faster with our quick round trip out of town. We had a blast, though. I hope you all had a great weekend, too!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday was Michael's birthday! He and I had a date to celebrate last Saturday, then Sunday Emma helped me make a cake for him and last night we had it after dinner! She put sparkler candles on it for him - granted I don't think she had near enough - LOL!!! You can't see the sparkler effect from the picture, but it was exciting ;) and especially b/c they kept relighting each time they blew them out, which she & Aaron had to help daddy do! Yes, my son is shirtless! We were about to give him a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate glaze to dig into - no shirt would have survived! Ha ha!!!!
I'm no baker, but I have to say this cake was super delicious and yummy!!!! I had to have another bite before I went to bed and let me tell you it gave me sweet dreams!( LOL - I crack myself up!)

We love you sooooo much!!!

Friday, January 06, 2012


This time of year it's so beautiful outside, especially in East Texas with all the trees. You could spend all day just driving down back roads and looking at all the beautiful colors! I took a few pictures with my phone this weekend, so I thought I would post an iPhoneography edition of our time in the country.

This is the drive down to my sister's place there...I love all the leaves on the ground with the red and gold colors nearly overtaking the entire road.
Nature's Beauty
I took the kids to play at my old HS - it isn't a HS anymore actually b/c they have since built a new one. This is the same one my Grannie, who is 97, attended. It's a little old! It's a little eerie to be there when it's deserted sometimes, too. I keep thinking someone is peeking through the blinds at us! LOL
More beautiful red leaves...
Love all the colorful leaves on the ground.
Emma & Aaron on Safari at the lake. The sky was pretty overcast the day we had our picnic & adventure at the lake. There was still plenty to see, though & the kids had a great time.
Emma said we're going on safari!!
They love being outside and Aaron loved getting dirty!! He's such a boy...
Yep! They're all dirty!! Means they've been having FUN!

Emma & Aaron are going to miss not being with one another all day long after tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Frank had to return to Santa

With all the running around these last couple weeks I forgot to post about Frank's last adventures in our home! Frank returned to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, but ya never know - he may pop in on us from time to time just to make sure that Emma & Aaron are still behaving!

Frank's last week with us he caught up on his reading...
He decided Emma's Gingerbread House just looked too delicious & sampled the chimney...
He led a toy parade through the house...
He tried to roast marshmallows, but didn't have much luck with a battery powered tea light...
One night he tried to go incognito & hide out in my tree...
Wednesday night before Christmas Emma stayed with my parents & I think Frank missed her. He had a slumber party in her room while she was gone...
The next night I think he was a little tired from all the running around & simple found a high place to watch everyone...
And on the last night he went through all our Christmas cards from family and friends...I think he was a little sad to be leaving...
He did help us put out cookies & milk for Santa before he left, though and I think he may have sampled some, too!!
Frank was a welcome guest in our home this year & Emma's already asking when he is coming back to visit...I can't wait to see what antics he'll have for us next time!