Oh Christmas Tree!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011
I realized I hadn't shared a picture of our Christmas tree this year after reading Casey's post about taking twinkling pics of her pretty tree. So I decided to capture some pretty twinkling lights to share, too of our tree. Thanks for the quick lesson Casey!

The two Christmas trees Emma and I made out of a magazine and an old book are under our tree this year along with a ceramic train Teta gave us - Aaron loves trains so I constantly have to tell him this one isn't to play with!!

I love all the new colors we have on our tree...the only thing I'm missing is a matching tree topper. I just made a bow with some of the hot pink ribbon this year, but I am on the search for a real tree topper that matches for next year. My gold angel just doesn't match now with the fuchsia, chartreuse, bright blues and hot pinks we have now.

The red initial ornaments we bought for Emma and Aaron don't really go with those colors either, but that's alright - they'll be on our tree every year along with the growing collection of homemade ornaments that Emma has been making. Maybe one day the homemade ornaments can get a tree of their own if we get enough of them over the years!