I Cannot Believe My Baby Girl is FIVE!!

Sunday, December 04, 2011
Yesterday was my big girl's fifth birthday! It's still doesn't seem real! Today at church she told everyone she saw - "I'm five now, yesterday was my birthday!!" I think she was a little excited! We had a great party for her birthday - technically I guess she had two, though. We started off Saturday morning with the Children's Christmas Party that my company puts on every year. It's always great and the kids get a picture with Santa. Usually it's Emma in tears, but this year it was Aaron...I thought it was still a cute picture! This is just a phone pic of the real picture - I'll have to scan it later.

We were at the Children's part from about 10:00 that morning till noon - then we had to get Emma's Cupcake Cake and run a couple errands before heading off to her party. We were missing about 5 kiddos for various reasons, but still had a fun party crowd! This was the first year we didn't have her party at home and I have to say it was wonderful! I didn't lift a finger for this party except to buy the cake and they could have done that for me, too if I had wanted - but we let Emma pick out her own cake instead. And Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Cake was her choice. Okay - have you ever bought a cupcake cake??? OhEmGee - there is a LOT of icing on those cakes! LOL! I don't think the kids minded, though. It was super yummy I have to admit!
The Party Animals
I'm not sure why, but I didn't eat during the party when everyone else did - I guess too busy partying! And since I hadn't eaten much all day to begin with I had a bad migraine by the end of the party. Towards the end I told Michael I had to get something to eat and some Coke and I did start to feel a little better. Last thing I wanted was to be sick on my girl's big day. I always try to take a Rocking Chair Birthday picture on the day of their birthday, but since I wasn't feeling well I didn't get it until today. I don't think one day made that much difference, though - ya think??? Though I realized after I started looking at the pictures and Emma was already in bed that I forgot to take one of her holding up her fingers to show her age - that's what we've always done in the past. So, sadly I might have to take more Rocking Chair Birthday pictures tomorrow - two whole days after her actual birthday - man I'm slacking!
I can't believe she is five!!