The Adventures of "Old Blue Eyes"

Friday, December 09, 2011
We have an elf living in our house. His name is Frank!
He came to live with us about a week ago & quickly became like part of the family! He also got very comfortable pretty quickly with Barbie & Tink! They went joy riding one night and another night I guess they got hungry b/c they ate up ALL of Emma & Aaron's colorful cereal...
He has some some "guy time" with Ken playing cards & eating up all the candy!!
I wonder who won!!!
Then we decided to send Emma's Christmas list to Santa via Frank...and what do you know, Santa wrote her back. And he asked her to write him again with Aaron's list, too!When Frank came back with that letter he got a little artistic, too! I guess b/c Santa drew pictures on Emma's letter it got Frank inspired!
I guess after all his playing around he decided he needed to pay better attention to Emma & Aaron so one night he found a perch way up high to get a good look!
Can you spot him in this blurry pic!?!?
This morning, though we found he tried to make a snack during the night - he needs some lessons, though b/c everyone knows you can't saute candy!! Can you????
Frank is a crazy little guy! Who knows what he'll do next! I'll keep tabs on him and share his adventures!!