The Adventures of Frank Continue

Friday, December 16, 2011
Recently my days are so incredibly full that I have not had a free minute...well, not many anyway. And sadly, my blog has been feeling neglected. Unfortunately, I don't see it letting up any time soon, but I will try my best to keep up the post on Frank's adventures and hopefully share a little of our Christmas with you in the future. I'm sure you all understand b/c you're probably all in the same situation! I am so far behind on reading everyone's blogs, too that I know I am missing out on so much.

So, here are Frank's latest escapades in our home. He's been leaving the girls alone this week, but he has made a couple of messes for me to clean up. He used his artistic license and marked up some pictures of my babies - gave them both Santa hats, put a mustache on Aaron, and a bed nose on Emma! He went horseback riding & hung out with a deer! I guess he thought it was a reindeer, but it was actually a whitetail! He got into the cereal again, but this time it had a little shout out to my babies! He took a ride on the Orient Express at Teta & Geddo's house (he followed the kids there when they spent the night) and made a mess of the wrapping paper b/c he wanted to make snow flakes! And I guess one night he was all wiped out b/c we found him napping with Emma's pillow & blanket one morning! He's such a silly Elf!

 So tomorrow we're decorating Gingerbread Houses at my sister's - we do this every year and it's such a blast! But dare I say this year, that I just hope Frank doesn't get hungry and take to the eating the candy from Emma & Aaron's creations. He does like to eat!