Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Haircuts & a Look at our Christmas(es)

It's funny to say that my five year old daughter and 21 month old son got their first hair cuts in the same week! Emma has very long, beautiful hair and we finally went yesterday for her first haircut - just a trim, though to clean up her ends! Aaron has beautiful curls and I've been dodging my husband's insistence for about a year to cut it! I just loved his curls, even though it was wild! But I finally gave in and took him for his first haircut last Thursday.  I didn't cut it extremely short - just gave him a regular little boy's haircut.
They were both so good the whole time, too! I think Aaron might not have been so still had they used clippers on him, though!

I still have lots of pictures from Christmas to go through and upload, but wanted to share this family shot...and a couple others from all our celebrating!
And Aaron checking out his new train set - which he loves! He wasn't quite awake yet!
Emma got a new bike from Santa - the very one she asked for, imagine that! Santa is pretty good!
We've had a great Christmas, but it still isn't over actually! We still have more festivities tomorrow at my sister's house! We started the Wednesday before Christmas with my parents - they had been keeping Aaron for a couple days while my babysitter was on vacation so when we picked him up we exchanged gifts with them. Then we celebrated with Michael's parents on Christmas Eve and had a surprise visit from Santa!!! (My two still aren't real sure how they feel about Santa in person)
Aaron & his cutie cousin chilling - I think he is eyeing her baby doll! (I though this was too cute! LOL)
Then Christmas Day my parents came over for lunch and that evening we went to Michael's grandparents' house. The day after Christmas we went next door to celebrate with friends...our friends that moved to Colorado are in town this week so it was great to see them and their new baby girl, too!
 We always have a lot of fun when we get together!

Today I have to make a big pot of deer chili to take to my sister's house tomorrow. I've been catching up on laundry this week while I'm off and getting my kitchen back in order, but otherwise we (me and the kiddos) are having a true staycation! Enjoying some chill time and not much else!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!!

I realized I hadn't shared a picture of our Christmas tree this year after reading Casey's post about taking twinkling pics of her pretty tree. So I decided to capture some pretty twinkling lights to share, too of our tree. Thanks for the quick lesson Casey!

The two Christmas trees Emma and I made out of a magazine and an old book are under our tree this year along with a ceramic train Teta gave us - Aaron loves trains so I constantly have to tell him this one isn't to play with!!

I love all the new colors we have on our tree...the only thing I'm missing is a matching tree topper. I just made a bow with some of the hot pink ribbon this year, but I am on the search for a real tree topper that matches for next year. My gold angel just doesn't match now with the fuchsia, chartreuse, bright blues and hot pinks we have now.

The red initial ornaments we bought for Emma and Aaron don't really go with those colors either, but that's alright - they'll be on our tree every year along with the growing collection of homemade ornaments that Emma has been making. Maybe one day the homemade ornaments can get a tree of their own if we get enough of them over the years!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Adventures of Frank Continue

Recently my days are so incredibly full that I have not had a free minute...well, not many anyway. And sadly, my blog has been feeling neglected. Unfortunately, I don't see it letting up any time soon, but I will try my best to keep up the post on Frank's adventures and hopefully share a little of our Christmas with you in the future. I'm sure you all understand b/c you're probably all in the same situation! I am so far behind on reading everyone's blogs, too that I know I am missing out on so much.

So, here are Frank's latest escapades in our home. He's been leaving the girls alone this week, but he has made a couple of messes for me to clean up. He used his artistic license and marked up some pictures of my babies - gave them both Santa hats, put a mustache on Aaron, and a bed nose on Emma! He went horseback riding & hung out with a deer! I guess he thought it was a reindeer, but it was actually a whitetail! He got into the cereal again, but this time it had a little shout out to my babies! He took a ride on the Orient Express at Teta & Geddo's house (he followed the kids there when they spent the night) and made a mess of the wrapping paper b/c he wanted to make snow flakes! And I guess one night he was all wiped out b/c we found him napping with Emma's pillow & blanket one morning! He's such a silly Elf!

 So tomorrow we're decorating Gingerbread Houses at my sister's - we do this every year and it's such a blast! But dare I say this year, that I just hope Frank doesn't get hungry and take to the eating the candy from Emma & Aaron's creations. He does like to eat!

Friday, December 09, 2011

The Adventures of "Old Blue Eyes"

We have an elf living in our house. His name is Frank!
He came to live with us about a week ago & quickly became like part of the family! He also got very comfortable pretty quickly with Barbie & Tink! They went joy riding one night and another night I guess they got hungry b/c they ate up ALL of Emma & Aaron's colorful cereal...
He has some some "guy time" with Ken playing cards & eating up all the candy!!
I wonder who won!!!
Then we decided to send Emma's Christmas list to Santa via Frank...and what do you know, Santa wrote her back. And he asked her to write him again with Aaron's list, too!When Frank came back with that letter he got a little artistic, too! I guess b/c Santa drew pictures on Emma's letter it got Frank inspired!
I guess after all his playing around he decided he needed to pay better attention to Emma & Aaron so one night he found a perch way up high to get a good look!
Can you spot him in this blurry pic!?!?
This morning, though we found he tried to make a snack during the night - he needs some lessons, though b/c everyone knows you can't saute candy!! Can you????
Frank is a crazy little guy! Who knows what he'll do next! I'll keep tabs on him and share his adventures!!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

I Cannot Believe My Baby Girl is FIVE!!

Yesterday was my big girl's fifth birthday! It's still doesn't seem real! Today at church she told everyone she saw - "I'm five now, yesterday was my birthday!!" I think she was a little excited! We had a great party for her birthday - technically I guess she had two, though. We started off Saturday morning with the Children's Christmas Party that my company puts on every year. It's always great and the kids get a picture with Santa. Usually it's Emma in tears, but this year it was Aaron...I thought it was still a cute picture! This is just a phone pic of the real picture - I'll have to scan it later.

We were at the Children's part from about 10:00 that morning till noon - then we had to get Emma's Cupcake Cake and run a couple errands before heading off to her party. We were missing about 5 kiddos for various reasons, but still had a fun party crowd! This was the first year we didn't have her party at home and I have to say it was wonderful! I didn't lift a finger for this party except to buy the cake and they could have done that for me, too if I had wanted - but we let Emma pick out her own cake instead. And Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Cake was her choice. Okay - have you ever bought a cupcake cake??? OhEmGee - there is a LOT of icing on those cakes! LOL! I don't think the kids minded, though. It was super yummy I have to admit!
The Party Animals
I'm not sure why, but I didn't eat during the party when everyone else did - I guess too busy partying! And since I hadn't eaten much all day to begin with I had a bad migraine by the end of the party. Towards the end I told Michael I had to get something to eat and some Coke and I did start to feel a little better. Last thing I wanted was to be sick on my girl's big day. I always try to take a Rocking Chair Birthday picture on the day of their birthday, but since I wasn't feeling well I didn't get it until today. I don't think one day made that much difference, though - ya think??? Though I realized after I started looking at the pictures and Emma was already in bed that I forgot to take one of her holding up her fingers to show her age - that's what we've always done in the past. So, sadly I might have to take more Rocking Chair Birthday pictures tomorrow - two whole days after her actual birthday - man I'm slacking!
I can't believe she is five!!