A Week Unplugged...

Monday, November 14, 2011
I've been off work & offline for the last week...and it's been so great!!! I haven't been totally disconnected - I've tweeted/FB'd a bit, but I haven't read up much on anything or shared much at all - only what I could do via my iPhone on the run b/c that's what I was doing all week long. I had to come in one day for a meeting at work, doctors appointments, attending a rosary, a viewing & funeral, had to have someone come out twice to fix my AC, a baby shower, a Masquerade dinner, a party and various other errands going on this week. I did manage to get some shopping done this week, but very little. I also took engagement pictures for one niece & couple portraits for another niece (sisters), but I'll share those in another post later! I didn't even get on the computer to edit them except for one day - I made it through about half of them!

We got to spend some time this week with my Grannie, too. She's been staying with my parents, but I think in about a month she might go back to her house...she is 97 years old & still lives on her own!!!!
And got to get all dressed up for a Masquerade Dinner that was so so so much fun! That's me in the red mask and Elaine, my BFF, in the blue. This was our first time to attend, but our friend Kymberlie hosts this dinner every year downtown and it was so much fun! And it was great to get to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time!

Though it was very busy, it was also a very fun and productive week for me! Now it's back to work and back to a regular routine. And it was nice to be semi-unplugged, too. We tried to set a weekly unplugged night at home before, but we haven't stuck to it. I don't normally make NY's resolutions, but maybe that's one we can try again as a family - we just said nothing electronic or internet ready unless it's the Wii and we're all playing a game together. We'll have to see if we can start that up again...see how long it will last! LOL