Time? Time? Who's got the time???

Monday, November 21, 2011
I feel like the White Haired Rabbit these days. Work has taken off and I don't have a free moment during the day, then when I get home it's more of the same - cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen/house, playing with the kids - when they finally go to bed is when I work on the laundry and when I do get a free moment I find myself just wanting to sit and relax. I'm not complaining...and I know everyone else has the same thing going on. Especially now that the holidays are upon us! Can you believe there are people in my neighborhood with Christmas lights up already and I have friends who have already put up their Christmas trees. It just does not seem possible!

Today my mother & I are meeting Emma for lunch - we are having Turkey Dinner with her class & they are doing their Thanksgiving program for us. It's really just a couple of songs, but I love to see it and love to see Emma's excited little face to be performing for us! I can't wait!

And b/c I mentioned in my last post, which seems like so long ago, that I would share a few of the pics I did for my nieces, here are a couple of my favorites!!
We had such a good time shooting these & the guys were such good sports!! And it was such nice weather outside, too!