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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble! Gobble! Turkey Day Performance

Yesterday my mom & I had lunch with Emma at her Day Care. Before lunch they performed for us. The girls were all Pilgrims & the boys Indians. They were so cute!! Here's our little pilgrim after they sang for us. She thought it was funny that mommy should wear her hat - thankfully we didn't get a picture of that, though! Enjoy the performance!
(That's Emma on the far right in the pink polo & denim shorts!)

Time? Time? Who's got the time???

I feel like the White Haired Rabbit these days. Work has taken off and I don't have a free moment during the day, then when I get home it's more of the same - cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen/house, playing with the kids - when they finally go to bed is when I work on the laundry and when I do get a free moment I find myself just wanting to sit and relax. I'm not complaining...and I know everyone else has the same thing going on. Especially now that the holidays are upon us! Can you believe there are people in my neighborhood with Christmas lights up already and I have friends who have already put up their Christmas trees. It just does not seem possible!

Today my mother & I are meeting Emma for lunch - we are having Turkey Dinner with her class & they are doing their Thanksgiving program for us. It's really just a couple of songs, but I love to see it and love to see Emma's excited little face to be performing for us! I can't wait!

And b/c I mention…

A Week Unplugged...

I've been off work & offline for the last week...and it's been so great!!! I haven't been totally disconnected - I've tweeted/FB'd a bit, but I haven't read up much on anything or shared much at all - only what I could do via my iPhone on the run b/c that's what I was doing all week long. I had to come in one day for a meeting at work, doctors appointments, attending a rosary, a viewing & funeral, had to have someone come out twice to fix my AC, a baby shower, a Masquerade dinner, a party and various other errands going on this week. I did manage to get some shopping done this week, but very little. I also took engagement pictures for one niece & couple portraits for another niece (sisters), but I'll share those in another post later! I didn't even get on the computer to edit them except for one day - I made it through about half of them!

We got to spend some time this week with my Grannie, too. She's been staying with my parents, bu…

It's November already...and a Post-It Note Day

Here is a quick pic of my babies after their night of Trick-or-Treating! They were pooped and needless to say passed smooth out not too long after I snapped this picture!  My Jesse & Chicken Little were so cute...and this morning when she got up Emma told me, "Mommy, I had soooo much fun last night!!!" That's what it's all about, right??? I just love them to the moon & back!
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!