Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wow, this week is flying by...

I just realized that it's already Thursday! I have literally had my head down & buried all week!! Which is good for making the weekend get here faster I guess! Things are changing at work a little & I have some new roles added to my plate, hence the busy days. I like it, though and am excited for the changes.

That being said - I quickly wanted to share a couple pics of my loves with the few free moments I have!

This was another pic from the Pumpkin Patch - Aaron was watching the little pig & crawling up over the rails every chance he got to pet the little guy. I swear, I've never seen a kid that loves all animals so much & so far has no fear of any of them! I hope that is something that stays with him!
Just Watching
(I think with this b&w I may try out Jamie's DIY canvas technique!)
And my darling, sweet girl! We had gymnastics last night & she is really enjoying it more and more each week and really improving. She's had so much trouble doing her kick over, but I think she's almost got it down & last night after class that's all she talked about! "Did you see me mommy - I did it all by myself!" She is so proud & I love that! Oh - and on the way there she informed me that she has changed her name. To what you might ask - well, Pollywogalina, of course!!! Apparently they the Froggy book in class where Froggy gets a little sister named Pollywogalina, so Emma decided that would be her name, too. Ha ha! I just love her!!!

I hope your week is going by as fast as mine!! 
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love both pictures! I think Daisy and Aaron share the same affinity for animals. Daisy is obsessed with them! That is a great capture of Aaron soaking up the animals:). Emily is such a cutie patootie...oh and I wish we lived closer cuz I'd love to take on the challenge of getting a great family photo for you!! :)

  2. That would be such a great picture to use. Good luck!


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