Whirlwind Weekend

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
The kids & I made a day drive up to East Texas Saturday morning for a birthday party for my niece's son who turned one! They had a blast & the Dr. Seuss b'day theme was super cute!
Jaxson's Party
The party was outside at a park so my kids ran & played all afternoon & conked out shortly into our drive home! It was a lot of driving for me all in one day & I was tired myself! The rest of the weekend was good & lots more family time...it was also special b/c we got a very good rain all Sunday afternoon - it was wonderful! 
Monday I had a "me" day planned, but turned out to also be a home repair day as well b/c our AC quit working - AGAIN! Turned out to be an easy fix, but still put a little kink in the day's plans since I had to make sure I was home when the guys came by to fix it. So glad, though now we have a cool house once again.

And the rest of the week is going to be super busy as well...I just hope that means it is going to go by quickly! I am ready for the weekend again already! Hee hee!