The update on our busy weekend...

Monday, October 17, 2011
This weekend flew by, like they all do when you're having fun!

Friday night was pretty low key - we had a family dinner out & then just hung out together.

Saturday we got up early and had plans to go one direction, but ended up in another! Those are usually the best days - when you don't really know what you are gonna do & end up having the best time! We took the kids to an awesome Pumpkin Patch near the house. This is the same one we went to last year, though this year Aaron was big enough to keep up with his sister & enjoy all the animals! That boy just loves animals, too - he wants to touch them and hug them and, if he can, ride them!

An animal handler came out with this little guy - Creature the Aardvark. Apparently the owner is a Harry Potter fan that named him Creature!
Aaron loved him and even followed him back to his cage. He is about 20lbs I think and they said he'll get up to 150lbs! Whoa - glad we got to meet him when he was a baby!!!

We also got up close & personal with the camels - watch out, they spit (but luckily, not on us)!! "Well, Hello there!!"

Emma was more interested in the artistic events - there were all kinds of crafts! She had her face painted, made a bird feeder and painted a pumpkin! Aaron painted one, too but when fingers coated in paint went in his mouth daddy took him elsewhere to play while Emma finished her masterpiece! You can see in the middle picture her taking time to figure out what her pumpkin needed - she was very careful in her choices of color & glitter! LOL

Emma being crafty!

We also picked out our pumpkins to take home & eventually carve. Daddy is in charge of that up the mess, too! Ha ha! We planned to go on their hayride, too but both kids were getting pretty tired and I figured would just fall asleep on the hayride so we headed home...and sure enough their eyes were closing before we made it to the house. Aaron went straight to bed & took a long nap!!

I realized I used the same picture of Emma getting her face painted in both storyboards, but that's alright - you can enjoy her cute little face twice!! Here are a few more pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch!

After we made it home I got dinner going for us & rested a bit myself b/c I had a girls' night out planned - that's a story for another post!! We had a great time out, though & daddy took the kids out for ice cream so they had a blast, too! Sunday morning we got up for church, though it wasn't easy b/c we were up late Saturday night - actually, the girls made it to church!! When we came home I found Aaron & Michael propped up in the bed watching cartoons & eating cereal - it was actually a very cute site!!

Then we were off to Jacob's b'day party, where the kids had such a blast & really wore themselves out - yay for jumping place birthday parties! Ha ha!

Emma & the birthday boy:
The daddies checking football scores:
The party theme was Cars & super cute - great job Jamie, as always!!
And after all that we went out with my two nieces and one their fiances for dinner & Tutti Frutti that evening after we made it home - so both of my kiddos slept very good last night and so did I for that matter!