I Give Thanks

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Last night after dinner Michael & Emma made a trip to the grocery store - it's a busy week in our house & this was one of the few free moments when we could get groceries. I still needed to clean the kitchen, so Aaron & I stayed home while they went. Turned out to be a great quiet time for me and my son, too. After I finished cleaning up & got Aaron ready for bed we went into his room & rocked. We do this every night. But last night I had more time to sit & snuggle with my little boy. I sang to him. I talked to him. He gave me Eskimo kisses, which he just thought was the funniest thing in the world!!!!

And I prayed.

I prayed for both my kids and gave thanks to God for the most wonderful thing He could ever give me in my life. I asked for forgiveness for not being thankful enough for all my blessings. I think that's something we're all probably guilty for. We I go to God when I need Him, when I need help or guidance...but I should be going to him daily...hourly...to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful things in my life.

I couldn't be more blessed - the gift of being a mother, of having a wonderful husband to help me raise these two beautiful children, a good job, a nice house...I thanked Him for helping me relieve my life of stress & for giving me the strength to let things go that were just weighing me down...I prayed that my children would grow up to be good, Christian adults...I prayed for their health...I prayed to help me be a good, Christian mother & teach them as I've been directed by Him...I prayed for my marriage, that it be strong & happy and for guidance during the rough seasons. I think the only time I've prayed so hard was when my mother was going through chemotherapy...I gave thanks again that He brought her through that season & that she is still with us & is able to know my children & watch them grow & give me motherly guidance on raising my children.

As I sat there holding my son who was drifting into dreamland in my arms I was just overtaken by such an enormous feeling of happiness, contentment, thanksgiving, appreciation, love...I couldn't hold back the tears.  I thought back to the love my kids have for one another - when Aaron comes in to the house the first thing he does is look for "Eeeeemmma" - when she left last night with her daddy he kept calling out for her, walking around the house looking for her...just yesterday morning they snuggled up to watch cartoons & just loved on one another. It is so heart warming to watch. I'm not misguided in any way - I know they are going to fight, but I also know that love is real & I pray that it endures forever.

For this child I prayed and the Lord answered my prayers...
I Samuel 1:27