I feel like I have a newborn again...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011
at least that's the sleep schedule I'm on - little to none! Sunday night I only got about one hour sleep - last night I got twice that. WooHoo! Aaron has always been such a good sleeper, but I think his two year molars are trying to come through & we're all feeling the pain. I've got a call in to his doctor this morning - b/c we can't go another night w/out any sleep. I know he has to be hurting & I hurt b/c I can't do anything to soothe him. Orajel & Ibuprofen just aren't cutting it right now.

I am thankful he had a good weekend, though & this didn't start until Sunday night - well, thankful for him b/c he & Emma had a fun weekend. Not thankful for myself, though since I had to come into work after getting no sleep!

Friday night they both had their daddy all to themselves while I had a girls night! We have started a Bunco group & it is such a blast! I've only played a couple times before, so I really hope this regular group can stick together and keep it going! Next month I'm hosting and since it'll be close to Halloween that's the theme I'm going with. If you have any cool Halloween party ideas PLEASE throw them my direction!

Saturday we spent the day at my sister's house. Her oldest son is in from Ecuador (he's in the Peace Corps) so we had a get-together at her house. It was also the first time we got to meet his gf and my other nephew's gf. I like both girls!! I did take some cute pics of my babies there, too but they will have to be in another post b/c I haven't uploaded them yet...haven't really had the time or energy as you could guess!

That evening Michael & I had a date to celebrate our 7th anniversary (which was Sunday). My babies stayed with Teta & Geddo and we had a nice night out. I can't believe it's been 7 years already!!
(Pic from our honeymoon)

Sunday Michael's brother & his family came over & Emma got to play with her cousins while the dads watched football. Jamie & I took the kids to eat, then to a bounce house, then finished off the fun with yummy snowcones & playing in the back yard! It was an iPhone shot kinda weekend (well, except for the few at my sister's, which I'll share later), so here's a pictorial recap!

Those blurs are our 4 kiddos - yeah, you try to get them still! LOL

 So, I am thankful that Aaron was able to enjoy his fun weekend & that it wasn't ruined for him. I hope this is over soon. I am also thankful that kids don't remember things like teething, b/c he seems to be hurting so much and it kills me to see it. Hopefully the doc will have a better remedy for him, too.