Sunday, October 23, 2011

Backyard Frolicking

We had a good low-key weekend...lots of family time & play time and Saturday I sat around in the grass at my parents' house to capture some of that fun! I love taking pictures of my babies, but every time I look at pictures of Emma she looks so grown - it's tugs on my heart strings so much b/c I wish I could keep her my baby forever. She is going to be 5 in a very short time and it kills me. And Aaron just slays me with those beautiful, blue eyes - I mean that's a face that will melt a mother's heart!
We also got to spend some time with my Grannie. She is staying with my parents for a little while & it's nice to have her close by! Emma & Aaron just love their Grannie as much as I do & I'm so thankful she is still with us at 97 to know my babies. It's such a blessing...
It was a nice weekend and I think we were outside for most of it. Today I actually took a little "me" time and took a walk around a local historic district near our house - I didn't know before I went, but the Pet Fest was this weekend and there were animals everywhere! I wished Aaron had been with me - he loves animals like no kid I've seen before. I think he would have been trying to hug on them all - ha ha!! I saw more dogs in strollers than I saw kids in strollers. It was a site. I even saw a little pooch that looked exactly like our Sable!

It was a great afternoon and a good weekend! Another work week is upon us now and I hope you're all ready...I know it's gonna be a busy one.


  1. Such gorgeous photos! SO glad you had a great weekend. Hope you are doing well xoxo

  2. Love the processing on these shots.

  3. I love your pictures Hanna! They capture your two charmers so well! And I hate to agree with you but, every time I look at pictures of Emma I feel like she looks a little older too...they grow and change so much and so fast...Daisy is killing half the time I almost wanna cry at how fast it goes. Sigh. Darling pics friend!

  4. Hanna - love the colors and treatment in these photos. Spectacular.

  5. Love all of the pictures! Sounds like my kind of weekend!

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