Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Card Winners

And CONGRATULATIONS to the three winners of the Holiday Card Giveaway!

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The Copelin's!!
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Backyard Frolicking

We had a good low-key weekend...lots of family time & play time and Saturday I sat around in the grass at my parents' house to capture some of that fun! I love taking pictures of my babies, but every time I look at pictures of Emma she looks so grown - it's tugs on my heart strings so much b/c I wish I could keep her my baby forever. She is going to be 5 in a very short time and it kills me. And Aaron just slays me with those beautiful, blue eyes - I mean that's a face that will melt a mother's heart!
We also got to spend some time with my Grannie. She is staying with my parents for a little while & it's nice to have her close by! Emma & Aaron just love their Grannie as much as I do & I'm so thankful she is still with us at 97 to know my babies. It's such a blessing...
It was a nice weekend and I think we were outside for most of it. Today I actually took a little "me" time and took a walk around a local historic district near our house - I didn't know before I went, but the Pet Fest was this weekend and there were animals everywhere! I wished Aaron had been with me - he loves animals like no kid I've seen before. I think he would have been trying to hug on them all - ha ha!! I saw more dogs in strollers than I saw kids in strollers. It was a site. I even saw a little pooch that looked exactly like our Sable!

It was a great afternoon and a good weekend! Another work week is upon us now and I hope you're all ready...I know it's gonna be a busy one.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's almost time to pull out that address book...

Can you believe that it's almost Christmas time again?? Okay, yes I know we have to get through Halloween & then Thanksgiving, but that's going to happen so fast and then Christmas will be here...that means my baby girl is going to be 5 before I know it, too! EEEKKK! I'm not ready for that!

So, with Christmas time comes Christmas cards, too. I never sent out Christmas cards until Emma was born & the first one we sent was actually also her birth announcement! I loved it! The next few years I made other cards featuring my little sweetie and then last year she had to share that spotlight with her baby brother - though, I don't think she minded. I actually went with Shutterfly last year for our Christmas cards and they came out so great - don't you think so!?!?
This year it's going to be harder to find/take a good picture of them together b/c it's so hard to get them both to hold still, but Shutterfly has a lot of great layouts for Christmas cards with multiple pictures, too so they'll just each have to have their own space on our card! They actually have a great selection for all types of cards!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wow, this week is flying by...

I just realized that it's already Thursday! I have literally had my head down & buried all week!! Which is good for making the weekend get here faster I guess! Things are changing at work a little & I have some new roles added to my plate, hence the busy days. I like it, though and am excited for the changes.

That being said - I quickly wanted to share a couple pics of my loves with the few free moments I have!

This was another pic from the Pumpkin Patch - Aaron was watching the little pig & crawling up over the rails every chance he got to pet the little guy. I swear, I've never seen a kid that loves all animals so much & so far has no fear of any of them! I hope that is something that stays with him!
Just Watching
(I think with this b&w I may try out Jamie's DIY canvas technique!)
And my darling, sweet girl! We had gymnastics last night & she is really enjoying it more and more each week and really improving. She's had so much trouble doing her kick over, but I think she's almost got it down & last night after class that's all she talked about! "Did you see me mommy - I did it all by myself!" She is so proud & I love that! Oh - and on the way there she informed me that she has changed her name. To what you might ask - well, Pollywogalina, of course!!! Apparently they the Froggy book in class where Froggy gets a little sister named Pollywogalina, so Emma decided that would be her name, too. Ha ha! I just love her!!!

I hope your week is going by as fast as mine!! 
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The update on our busy weekend...

This weekend flew by, like they all do when you're having fun!

Friday night was pretty low key - we had a family dinner out & then just hung out together.

Saturday we got up early and had plans to go one direction, but ended up in another! Those are usually the best days - when you don't really know what you are gonna do & end up having the best time! We took the kids to an awesome Pumpkin Patch near the house. This is the same one we went to last year, though this year Aaron was big enough to keep up with his sister & enjoy all the animals! That boy just loves animals, too - he wants to touch them and hug them and, if he can, ride them!

An animal handler came out with this little guy - Creature the Aardvark. Apparently the owner is a Harry Potter fan that named him Creature!
Aaron loved him and even followed him back to his cage. He is about 20lbs I think and they said he'll get up to 150lbs! Whoa - glad we got to meet him when he was a baby!!!

We also got up close & personal with the camels - watch out, they spit (but luckily, not on us)!! "Well, Hello there!!"

Emma was more interested in the artistic events - there were all kinds of crafts! She had her face painted, made a bird feeder and painted a pumpkin! Aaron painted one, too but when fingers coated in paint went in his mouth daddy took him elsewhere to play while Emma finished her masterpiece! You can see in the middle picture her taking time to figure out what her pumpkin needed - she was very careful in her choices of color & glitter! LOL

Emma being crafty!

We also picked out our pumpkins to take home & eventually carve. Daddy is in charge of that up the mess, too! Ha ha! We planned to go on their hayride, too but both kids were getting pretty tired and I figured would just fall asleep on the hayride so we headed home...and sure enough their eyes were closing before we made it to the house. Aaron went straight to bed & took a long nap!!

I realized I used the same picture of Emma getting her face painted in both storyboards, but that's alright - you can enjoy her cute little face twice!! Here are a few more pics from our trip to the pumpkin patch!

After we made it home I got dinner going for us & rested a bit myself b/c I had a girls' night out planned - that's a story for another post!! We had a great time out, though & daddy took the kids out for ice cream so they had a blast, too! Sunday morning we got up for church, though it wasn't easy b/c we were up late Saturday night - actually, the girls made it to church!! When we came home I found Aaron & Michael propped up in the bed watching cartoons & eating cereal - it was actually a very cute site!!

Then we were off to Jacob's b'day party, where the kids had such a blast & really wore themselves out - yay for jumping place birthday parties! Ha ha!

Emma & the birthday boy:
The daddies checking football scores:
The party theme was Cars & super cute - great job Jamie, as always!!
And after all that we went out with my two nieces and one their fiances for dinner & Tutti Frutti that evening after we made it home - so both of my kiddos slept very good last night and so did I for that matter!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Give Thanks

Last night after dinner Michael & Emma made a trip to the grocery store - it's a busy week in our house & this was one of the few free moments when we could get groceries. I still needed to clean the kitchen, so Aaron & I stayed home while they went. Turned out to be a great quiet time for me and my son, too. After I finished cleaning up & got Aaron ready for bed we went into his room & rocked. We do this every night. But last night I had more time to sit & snuggle with my little boy. I sang to him. I talked to him. He gave me Eskimo kisses, which he just thought was the funniest thing in the world!!!!

And I prayed.

I prayed for both my kids and gave thanks to God for the most wonderful thing He could ever give me in my life. I asked for forgiveness for not being thankful enough for all my blessings. I think that's something we're all probably guilty for. We I go to God when I need Him, when I need help or guidance...but I should be going to him say THANK YOU for all the wonderful things in my life.

I couldn't be more blessed - the gift of being a mother, of having a wonderful husband to help me raise these two beautiful children, a good job, a nice house...I thanked Him for helping me relieve my life of stress & for giving me the strength to let things go that were just weighing me down...I prayed that my children would grow up to be good, Christian adults...I prayed for their health...I prayed to help me be a good, Christian mother & teach them as I've been directed by Him...I prayed for my marriage, that it be strong & happy and for guidance during the rough seasons. I think the only time I've prayed so hard was when my mother was going through chemotherapy...I gave thanks again that He brought her through that season & that she is still with us & is able to know my children & watch them grow & give me motherly guidance on raising my children.

As I sat there holding my son who was drifting into dreamland in my arms I was just overtaken by such an enormous feeling of happiness, contentment, thanksgiving, appreciation, love...I couldn't hold back the tears.  I thought back to the love my kids have for one another - when Aaron comes in to the house the first thing he does is look for "Eeeeemmma" - when she left last night with her daddy he kept calling out for her, walking around the house looking for her...just yesterday morning they snuggled up to watch cartoons & just loved on one another. It is so heart warming to watch. I'm not misguided in any way - I know they are going to fight, but I also know that love is real & I pray that it endures forever.

For this child I prayed and the Lord answered my prayers...
I Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

The kids & I made a day drive up to East Texas Saturday morning for a birthday party for my niece's son who turned one! They had a blast & the Dr. Seuss b'day theme was super cute!
Jaxson's Party
The party was outside at a park so my kids ran & played all afternoon & conked out shortly into our drive home! It was a lot of driving for me all in one day & I was tired myself! The rest of the weekend was good & lots more family was also special b/c we got a very good rain all Sunday afternoon - it was wonderful! 
Monday I had a "me" day planned, but turned out to also be a home repair day as well b/c our AC quit working - AGAIN! Turned out to be an easy fix, but still put a little kink in the day's plans since I had to make sure I was home when the guys came by to fix it. So glad, though now we have a cool house once again.

And the rest of the week is going to be super busy as well...I just hope that means it is going to go by quickly! I am ready for the weekend again already! Hee hee!

Friday, October 07, 2011

A boy and his dog...

Well, in this case it isn't his dog - it's my nephew's! Meet Catcher - a very loveable, playful, 2yr old boxer! Aaron loves dogs - actually he loves all animals. He hasn't shown any fear with any of them yet. Catcher was all up on Aaron & he didn't seem to mind as long as he could get to the ball & throw it for him again! Ha ha!
Emma on the other hand took a while to warm up to him and she was up in her daddy's arms at first b/c Catcher was trying to kiss on her too much! After a while, though - they became fast friends, too though she was still more interested in picking flowers!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I feel like I have a newborn again...

at least that's the sleep schedule I'm on - little to none! Sunday night I only got about one hour sleep - last night I got twice that. WooHoo! Aaron has always been such a good sleeper, but I think his two year molars are trying to come through & we're all feeling the pain. I've got a call in to his doctor this morning - b/c we can't go another night w/out any sleep. I know he has to be hurting & I hurt b/c I can't do anything to soothe him. Orajel & Ibuprofen just aren't cutting it right now.

I am thankful he had a good weekend, though & this didn't start until Sunday night - well, thankful for him b/c he & Emma had a fun weekend. Not thankful for myself, though since I had to come into work after getting no sleep!

Friday night they both had their daddy all to themselves while I had a girls night! We have started a Bunco group & it is such a blast! I've only played a couple times before, so I really hope this regular group can stick together and keep it going! Next month I'm hosting and since it'll be close to Halloween that's the theme I'm going with. If you have any cool Halloween party ideas PLEASE throw them my direction!

Saturday we spent the day at my sister's house. Her oldest son is in from Ecuador (he's in the Peace Corps) so we had a get-together at her house. It was also the first time we got to meet his gf and my other nephew's gf. I like both girls!! I did take some cute pics of my babies there, too but they will have to be in another post b/c I haven't uploaded them yet...haven't really had the time or energy as you could guess!

That evening Michael & I had a date to celebrate our 7th anniversary (which was Sunday). My babies stayed with Teta & Geddo and we had a nice night out. I can't believe it's been 7 years already!!
(Pic from our honeymoon)

Sunday Michael's brother & his family came over & Emma got to play with her cousins while the dads watched football. Jamie & I took the kids to eat, then to a bounce house, then finished off the fun with yummy snowcones & playing in the back yard! It was an iPhone shot kinda weekend (well, except for the few at my sister's, which I'll share later), so here's a pictorial recap!

Those blurs are our 4 kiddos - yeah, you try to get them still! LOL

 So, I am thankful that Aaron was able to enjoy his fun weekend & that it wasn't ruined for him. I hope this is over soon. I am also thankful that kids don't remember things like teething, b/c he seems to be hurting so much and it kills me to see it. Hopefully the doc will have a better remedy for him, too.