A stitch in time...

Friday, September 09, 2011
My mother is an amazing seamstress. She can make anything...seriously! She made almost all the formal dresses I ever wore. She makes the most adorable dresses for Emma now. She does applique and embroidery. She quilts. She sews purses and other accessories. And she crochets. She has made beautiful baby blankets, booties, caps, afghans, bags...well, you get the idea and I could go on and on and on...

Well, I can't sew. I've tried a few times. It isn't my forte! I made on shirt in HS...mother actually wore it to work in the yard. I think she was just being nice! LOL

I have tried my hand a few times at crochet over the years. I've stopped & started several times. I've picked it up again, though and have been working on some small cute projects. A few years ago I started doing little clutch purses and amigurumi (I need pics of those). I made a cute little mushroom guy!!
Rainbow ClutchProduct of my Insomnia
(These are terrible pics - I took these with my Razr - that's how long it's been since I made these clutches. I need to find that pattern & make some more. I thought they were cute)

I made cute little fingerless gloves for Emma - made a pair for myself, too!
And several scarves & hats - doesn't get much easier than scarves & hats! :) (Eww...terrible pic of me in the hat!)
Cup Koozies - extremely quick & easy project!
These dishrags are my favorite. They work better than anything I have bought in the stores, too. They aren't abrasive so they don't do any damage to my nonstick skillets, but are strong enough they will scour off anything cooked on. And I can throw them in the dishwasher b/c I used cotton yarn - they hold up great!
Recently, I found the pattern for this little scrubbie, too. I added a loop so I could hang it to dry. It also works just as great as the dishrag and I like the swirl design! This pattern took a bit to learn, though b/c the directions weren't great. I had to get mother to help me figure it out. I actually ended up googling it to see if anyone else had instructions online for it & sure enough I found a better video tutorial that showed just how easy it really is to make. I love these!
Learned a new scrubby pattern! Added a loop so I could hang it to dry!!
Another little project I've started (and I'm still practicing these) are little swirls and flowers! I want to make smaller ones (these are about softball size in diameter) and put them on alligator clips. I think they would be so cute in Emma's hair & and I also want to get some plain headbands that I can secure a small piece of ribbon to so we'll have the option to put the clip directly in her hair or on the hairband. Of course, these colors won't be suitable...LOL...we'll have to get some fresher colors, but for practice these worked great!

These larger ones I think I'll secure a pin to - Elaine said she wanted one of these bright, vibrant flowers for the lapel of her grey wool coat! I think as a broach like that these will look great!
I added buttons to the center and little balls (like below - sorry for the blurry pic) to finish them off. Adds a cute little detail!

Practicing! Need to go buy some new colors now!

I haven't taken time to make good pictures of any of my projects, b/c I hadn't planned on blogging them. I've just snapped pictures with my phone b/c I usually send one to mother to critique when I'm finished! Ha ha!

I love keeping my hands busy like this. I usually do these in the evening after the kids have gone to bed & Michael & I are sitting in our bedroom watching TV, playing on the computer...just relaxing. Being on the computer all the time my hands have started hurting over the years. I don't know if I'm developing carpal tunnel or what, but the exercise of crocheting is very therapeutic not only to my mind (so relaxing), but also physically to my hands. I honestly believe it really helps to work out the soreness. 

I don't know if I'll ever get as good as my mother, but I am proud of these little projects!