Monday, September 19, 2011

So thankful for the rain!

First I have to say I'm so happy we finally got some rain!

We took off last Friday to give us a three day weekend & it still wasn't long enough. We had planned to go out of town for the weekend, but weren't planning to leave until Friday - then last minute we changed our minds so Thursday I rushed home to get us all packed up & on the road at a reasonable hour. We still didn't make it up to East Texas until around 10:00.

Aaron didn't fall asleep until the last 45 minutes or so & it was just long enough to give him a burst of energy - let's just say it was very hard to get up the next morning b/c he kept us up a while!

The weekend was low key for the most part, but very relaxing. Michael & my brother worked all weekend on their deers stands & feeders to get them ready for the season this fall & then they did a little dove hunting, too. My sister, my mom & I took the kids to one of the parks nearby on the lake & had a picnic - the kids loved that (I didn't get any of my pics off my camera from the weekend b/c it was so late when we got home Sunday - hopefully I'll have them all by tomorrow)!

Other than that we just rode around on the mule (the motorized kind), played with the horses & had great family time. The kids found out how much fun hay bails are, too & we got some cute pictures of them playing on them...and of Aaron being my little daredevil & sliding off - without looking to see if anyone was there to catch him!! Luckily my sister was, but then it was a game - put him back on top & he immediately sat down & slid off for you to catch him - so ya better be ready to catch him!!

We had already planned to be in East Texas for the weekend, but last Thursday I also found out that my niece's mother (my former SIL), Pam,  had passed away so we realized we would also be going to a funeral while we were there. She had been battling pancreatic cancer.

The funeral was yesterday afternoon. I think my niece & her kids handled it alright - they had been preparing for this since she was diagnosed - but it's still never easy to say goodbye. That side of my niece's family has especially had a hard time in the past 10 months. Last November they also lost Pam's sister & within 6 months of that the daughter of another sister both to tragic car accidents. Pam's passing made the third family member they have had to say goodbye to - I think they are due for a break. It's hard to watch a family suffer such. Saturday evening & Sunday we started to get a little rain - I think it was a sign about life going on b/c with the rain God sends new life.

The funeral wasn't until 3:00 Sunday and after the church services & the graveside & then visiting with family a while it was after 10:00 when we finally made it home.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of me & Michael - we were swinging on my sister's front porch enjoying the breeze that was coming up the hill - it is so nice and peaceful to just sit & enjoy being with the people you love & that love you back. There is no greater comfort.
On the front porch in a swing, Just a swingin!
"So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice and no one will take your joy from you..."

John 16:22


  1. So sorry to hear about your nieces grandmother. Aside from that it sounds like y'all had a good weekend. Several of my Texas friends were posting all over FB over the weekend that they were getting rain. I was so happy to hear it! We got some yesterday & a little so far today with more to come. We didn't need it as bad as y'all though.

  2. i'm sorry to hear that. but super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. LA adventures from a southern girl. Thanks love. xoxo

  3. so sorry for your loss...

    yes, we were happy for the rain too, we still need MORE!

  4. The last picture of you and your hubby makes me happy. I don't know what it is but, whenever I see pics of husbands and wives alone together sans the kiddos it is special because it is rare to get those moments. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of a loved one and especially sorry for the immediate family. Ug, saying goodbye is so hard. Praying for peace and comfort for everyone who knew her.


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