Post-It & Pinterest: My Birthday Edition

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here are a few of my latest Pins!

I cry every time I read this book...

I just learned how to make these! Aren't they cute??
Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

I think these are too cute...wouldn't they be adorable party favors!?!?
Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

I love this idea - and REALLY need to do this for Emma. Her room is overflowing with too many books & not enough bookshelves!
Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

And one of these would be pretty awesome, too! I could wrangle all their animals together in one neat place - this will be great when we finally move their play room upstairs & I get my dining room back!

For my birthday I wish you all a blessed, blessed day!!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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