Thursday, September 29, 2011

No really, It's Okay & TT

It's okay that...
  • I splurged on myself  at the mall this week (b/c it's been forever since I've done that)...
  • I've been watching the hamper in the laundry room fill up & still haven't washed the growing pile...
  • I've only cooked dinner one day this week...and I won't be cooking again tonight either. It's been a busy week - Friday we'll be eating another home cooked meal, though!
  • I had one of the M&M cookies that Michael brought home for the kids last night - it was super yummy!

I'm also linking up for Thankful Thursday this week...b/c really I have so much to be thankful for...

I'm, as always, thankful for my babies & my hubby - they are what rocks my world! And love all the fun times we have together - and the awesome snowcones we stop to get at Mista Macks!
I'm thankful to the weather man for the cool snap he said is on its way here - it's been a little nicer outside lately & I really hope he is right!

I'm thankful that my hubby took Aaron & did our grocery shopping last night while Emma & I were at gymnastics - saves me so much time! Thank you baby!

I'm thankful for the new Kim Son that's been built out here - I had a yummy lunch with a CW there yesterday...and am sure there will be more to come!

I am also thankful that Criminal Minds & all my other favorite shows are back on!

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest


  1. That's a great list you got there.. ya'll are gonna have to take us to that snow cone place next time.

  2. great thankful list!! i wish we had a good snowcone stand close to where we live... i LOVE snowcones, especially when they put the cream in there! yum. thanks for linking up!

  3. I saw that quote on pinterest and it actually gave me a nice moment of thought. Do I spend enough of my day giving thanks or more of it complaining without realizing it? This is a great post and I am always so happy to see pics of your hubby with the kiddos and boy when they grocery shop for us it's wonderful isn't it!!

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