Monday, Monday...Wish it was Sunday

Monday, September 26, 2011
Yeah - I know, I know - I mixing the Mommas & the Papas with the Bangles! But that's alright...the two songs together do a better job of describing a Monday than just one on its own!! :)

Last week when I was playing around with my Macro Mushrooms I also had a few kiddo pictures I played with, but didn't want to mix them in with my I thought I'd share them today!

I was playing with some low light actions shots & what better subject than my babies playing - in particular Emma swinging. I love her hair all wild & flowing everywhere while she is swinging. Now, of course, the first two aren't action, but I just thought they were beautiful!

"Watch out Mommy!" - she thought she was going to hit me b/c I was standing right in front of the swing!

Aaron wasn't interested in swinging, though - he just wanted to slide & play in the garden!
Aaron Playing on the Slide
I am so ready for cooler weather to get here for good so we can have more days where it's comfortable to play outside! This weekend, though we played in doors, but had a blast at a bounce house. There is a new one near the house & we finally got to go play in it this weekend. It was a hit & some place we'll definitely frequent! Afterwards we hit up Mista Macks for some yummy snowcones - Emma had Rainbow, Aaron had Wedding Cake (b/c it's white - hey, this mommy thinks about stains) and I had Mojito. We also took a Cherry one home to daddy!
We're frequent buyers now - we have a punch card & everything so we'll be visiting Mista Mack a lot more often! LOL!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend...hopefully they'll all be a lot cooler very, very soon!