The Missing Lake...and Pics of my Babies!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Saturday we went to the park for a picnic - my mother, my sister & my babies - and the lake was gone. The swimming area is surrounded by a floating barrier & for the most part it was just sitting on dry land. I hate to see the lake this way. The beaches are a lot bigger now, that's for sure, but no one really wants to swim b/c the water is so low.
I grew up on this lake - it was literally my back yard. I hope this drought is over soon - we did get some rain, but it wasn't enough by any means. One of the smaller bridges we drove over has no water under it whatsoever! It was just dry ground. I have never seen the lake this low.

Well, enough of the dreary - here are a few of the pictures of my babies playing from this weekend.
They have such a fun time up in East Texas. They discovered a new game, too - Bumper Cars! We have one Flintstone car at home, but with two they discovered it's much more fun to bump into one another! Ha! And Aaron is proud of his muscles these days, too. If you ask him if he is strong or to show you his muscles he displays them proudly! He's such a boy! Emma had to show her strength, too - she has so much upper body strength. That is her strong point in gymnastics - pulling up and doing flips on the bars. I hope this is something she sticks with b/c for now she seems to really enjoy it so much & she is good!

Something else I realized this weekend - my daughter didn't know what Big Red was!!!
Big Red
We were at the store to get a drink and she pulled that out & asked, "Mommy, what is this?" Now typically I don't buy cokes (I'm from Texas - they are all cokes) for Emma, but I figured for educational purposes this one time would be alright - she had to know about Big Red, right? And need I tell you she enjoyed it...and the red mustache!
Red Mustache