How we spent our 4 day weekend...via iPhone Pics!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011
Nothing exciting, but lots of great family time & playing with my babies!!!
Friday we ran around all day - we had tons of errands to go & my babies were such good sports the whole time!
We actually wore them out, poor things! 
We made up for it that evening, though b/c we took them out to play with their cousins! And I hit the jackpot on a game to win a bunch of tickets for Emma to cash in on some cheap cool prizes!
They played cosmic putt putt - or at least ran around the course! LOL
Family game of putt putt!
And Aaron tried his hand as a train conductor!
Train Conductor
They also bowled & rode go carts & filled up on yummy pizza - it was a fun evening!!
Saturday my niece & her boyfriend came over to watch the OU game - so we had a nice evening in. Emma loves when Jessica comes to visit b/c she wrangles her into playing all her games!!
Sunday after church Michael went with a friend so the kids & I hung out at home - my parents came over for lunch & spent the day playing with us & after Michael got home we all headed out for frozen yogurt! I thought the kids would be worn out, but we ended up playing outside for a while longer after they left!
Monday morning Emma & I snuck out while the guys were still sleeping & met Jessica for b'fast! Then after we came in to check on Michael & Aaron, we left again for a mani/pedi!
Emma got rainbow colors with glitter & flowers! It was a great girlie morning!
And she didn't mind the massage chair one bit either!!
That's my girl!!!

Monday evening we grilled out with the neighbors & had a nice relaxing time outside enjoying the cooler weather - albeit, there was also a bit of haze and the smell of smoke from all the wildfires here in Texas. They aren't far north of us at all. Please be sure to keep all the families affected in your prayers...and please keep us in your prayers that they don't move the few more miles south that would include hour homes. I heard of two coworkers today that lost their homes over the weekend to the fires. Luckily, though both families are safe as far as I know...

I hope you had a good holiday weekend! 
I'm thankful for this short week I'll have now, too!