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No really, It's Okay & TT

It's okay that... I splurged on myself  at the mall this week (b/c it's been forever since I've done that)...I've been watching the hamper in the laundry room fill up & still haven't washed the growing pile...I've only cooked dinner one day this week...and I won't be cooking again tonight either. It's been a busy week - Friday we'll be eating another home cooked meal, though!I had one of the M&M cookies that Michael brought home for the kids last night - it was super yummy!
I'm also linking up for Thankful Thursday this week...b/c really I have so much to be thankful for...

I'm, as always, thankful for my babies & my hubby - they are what rocks my world! And love all the fun times we have together - and the awesome snowcones we stop to get at Mista Macks!
I'm thankful to the weather man for the cool snap he said is on its way here - it's been a little nicer outside lately & I really hope he is right!

I'm thankful t…

WILW...Wordless Wednesday (Video Edition)

I love the sound of Aaron's laughter & especially when it's b/c his sister is making him laugh - something she can do better than anyone else!!

Monday, Monday...Wish it was Sunday

Yeah - I know, I know - I mixing the Mommas & the Papas with the Bangles! But that's alright...the two songs together do a better job of describing a Monday than just one on its own!! :)

Last week when I was playing around with my Macro Mushrooms I also had a few kiddo pictures I played with, but didn't want to mix them in with my I thought I'd share them today!

I was playing with some low light actions shots & what better subject than my babies playing - in particular Emma swinging. I love her hair all wild & flowing everywhere while she is swinging. Now, of course, the first two aren't action, but I just thought they were beautiful!

"Watch out Mommy!" - she thought she was going to hit me b/c I was standing right in front of the swing!

Aaron wasn't interested in swinging, though - he just wanted to slide & play in the garden!
I am so ready for cooler weather to get here for good so we can have more days where it's co…

Macro Mushrooms

When we went outside to play last night we found these had popped up...I took a few macro shots & spent some time playing with them in PS.

Thursday nights are my quiet nights. Michael is gone on Thursdays & after the kids go to bed I have a few hours all to myself.. I have really come to enjoy this time to be perfectly honest. I am NEVER alone anymore. And while I love my babies & Michael dearly when the time comes & you don't even get to go to the potty on your own, then this alone time is really needed!!!

So this Thursday I spent some of that quiet time playing with pictures! This one didn't get a version two, though...

WILW & Wordless Wednesday

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The Missing Lake...and Pics of my Babies!

Saturday we went to the park for a picnic - my mother, my sister & my babies - and the lake was gone. The swimming area is surrounded by a floating barrier & for the most part it was just sitting on dry land. I hate to see the lake this way. The beaches are a lot bigger now, that's for sure, but no one really wants to swim b/c the water is so low.
I grew up on this lake - it was literally my back yard. I hope this drought is over soon - we did get some rain, but it wasn't enough by any means. One of the smaller bridges we drove over has no water under it whatsoever! It was just dry ground. I have never seen the lake this low.

Well, enough of the dreary - here are a few of the pictures of my babies playing from this weekend.
They have such a fun time up in East Texas. They discovered a new game, too - Bumper Cars! We have one Flintstone car at home, but with two they discovered it's much more fun to bump into one another! Ha! And Aaron is proud of his muscles th…

So thankful for the rain!

First I have to say I'm so happy we finally got some rain!

We took off last Friday to give us a three day weekend & it still wasn't long enough. We had planned to go out of town for the weekend, but weren't planning to leave until Friday - then last minute we changed our minds so Thursday I rushed home to get us all packed up & on the road at a reasonable hour. We still didn't make it up to East Texas until around 10:00.

Aaron didn't fall asleep until the last 45 minutes or so & it was just long enough to give him a burst of energy - let's just say it was very hard to get up the next morning b/c he kept us up a while!

The weekend was low key for the most part, but very relaxing. Michael & my brother worked all weekend on their deers stands & feeders to get them ready for the season this fall & then they did a little dove hunting, too. My sister, my mom & I took the kids to one of the parks nearby on the lake & had a picnic - the …

Post-It & Pinterest: My Birthday Edition

Here are a few of my latest Pins!
I cry every time I read this book... Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

I just learned how to make these! Aren't they cute?? Source: via Hanna on Pinterest
I think these are too cute...wouldn't they be adorable party favors!?!? Source: via Hanna on Pinterest
I love this idea - and REALLY need to do this for Emma. Her room is overflowing with too many books & not enough bookshelves! Source: via Hanna on Pinterest
And one of these would be pretty awesome, too! I could wrangle all their animals together in one neat place - this will be great when we finally move their play room upstairs & I get my dining room back! Source: via Hanna on Pinterest
For my birthday I wish you all a blessed, blessed day!!!!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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A stitch in time...

My mother is an amazing seamstress. She can make anything...seriously! She made almost all the formal dresses I ever wore. She makes the most adorable dresses for Emma now. She does applique and embroidery. She quilts. She sews purses and other accessories. And she crochets. She has made beautiful baby blankets, booties, caps, afghans, bags...well, you get the idea and I could go on and on and on...
Well, I can't sew. I've tried a few times. It isn't my forte! I made on shirt in HS...mother actually wore it to work in the yard. I think she was just being nice! LOL
I have tried my hand a few times at crochet over the years. I've stopped & started several times. I've picked it up again, though and have been working on some small cute projects. A few years ago I started doing little clutch purses and amigurumi (I need pics of those). I made a cute little mushroom guy!! (These are terrible pics - I took these with my Razr - that's how long it's been since …

How we spent our 4 day weekend...via iPhone Pics!

Nothing exciting, but lots of great family time & playing with my babies!!! Friday we ran around all day - we had tons of errands to go & my babies were such good sports the whole time! We actually wore them out, poor things!  We made up for it that evening, though b/c we took them out to play with their cousins! And I hit the jackpot on a game to win a bunch of tickets for Emma to cash in on some cheap cool prizes!
They played cosmic putt putt - or at least ran around the course! LOL

And Aaron tried his hand as a train conductor!

They also bowled & rode go carts & filled up on yummy pizza - it was a fun evening!!
Saturday my niece & her boyfriend came over to watch the OU game - so we had a nice evening in. Emma loves when Jessica comes to visit b/c she wrangles her into playing all her games!!
Sunday after church Michael went with a friend so the kids & I hung out at home - my parents came over for lunch & spent the day playing with us & after Mi…