Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post-It Note & Pin It Tuesday...b/c it's a linky kind of day!

If I didn't have such a busy day/week I think I would have hit the snooze once more this morning. Going to bed with a migraine is bad, but waking up with one is so much worse. I'm thankful today for my Imitrex - it gets me back to a state where I can function. My lights are low in my office & Adele is singing softly in the background. I think hope by the time lunch has come & gone I'll be feeling normal again...

That being said...

Source: etsy.com via Hanna on Pinterest

And b/c what's a post w/out pictures...and b/c I think these two are so adorable:
Pictures from our playtime last week - Emma was giving a concert & this was her stage. I guess Aaron was a groupie, b/c he got past security and got up on stage with her!!!

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  1. My 2 year old thought your photo was adorable. He keeps pointing and saying, "Climb on table, Mommy!!"

  2. Your little ones are TOO cute, and those pinterest photos are too right. Loving this post, thanks for sharing!


  3. love me some Big Red - what a hubby.

  4. I love that quote about not promising when you're happy, etc. It's so true! I'm super impulsive, so I tend to do all sort of things when I'm happy, and then I come back and down and have a "what the heck was I thinking?" moment. I love your blog, am a new follower!


  5. I adore adore adore that picture of your two darlings dancing on top of the table! We have a table like that and all Daisy wants to do is stand on top of it:) So much happiness in kids faces. Just melts me:) Big Red is good gum isn't it! I hope your week flies by and your weekend comes fast! I am enjoying my sister in town this week so it is actually more enjoyable for me than the usual mundane week;0. Hope you guys are doing well friend!

  6. I LOVE Pinterest and can't get enough. I am now following you there and on GFC. You can follow me back at http://mamalousgems.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

  7. Thanks for linking up! Your family is beautiful.

    I've signed up for Pinterest, but I haven't had much time to figure it all out...

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