Our Weekend Recap

Monday, August 15, 2011
August 14th & 15th we have three b'days in our family - my great-niece Isabel who celebrated her 5th birthday (her party was actually last weekend), my niece Katelynn who turned 4 & my Grannie who turned 97 this year! This weekend we celebrate the latter two birthdays.

Saturday we drove out to a really cool restaurant where Katelynn's birthday was hosted - it was so much fun! Good food, fun atmosphere & the kids got to feed animals and go on a pony ride. Emma thought the pony was so cool b/c it had hot pink hair!
Aaron, of course, was so concerned with the pony's fashion sense!
He did, however, have his own cowboy style! I don't think that's how you're supposed to wear it Aaron! LOL
Practicing for the real ride!!
Happy Birthday Katelynn!!!

When the birthday celebrations were over we loaded back up & headed out of town for the rest of the weekend to celebrate my Grannie's 97th Birthday. Our family took up five pews at church Sunday morning - and that was just a few of us that made it. Grannie loved that we were all there with her Sunday morning, though.
Mother & Grannie - two of my favorite women!!!
Me & three of my siblings being silly!

I hope you had a great weekend!