Monday, August 08, 2011

More Water Fun

First - I was so proud of Emma this weekend. She finally was ready to start swimming without her puddle jumper. She is my timid one when it comes to the water, so I was very proud of her. She swam w/out it very well, but when she would turn around to face me she would quit swimming & of course go under - so, after a bit she was ready for her floaties again. I don't think that I will have that issue with Aaron - so far, nothing intimidates my little man!!!

I took my waterproof camera case out again this weekend...and this time actually took it under the water!! The kids thought it was so cool to have their picture taken under water!

And got some close ups of those awesome puddle jumpers in action...
And, of course a few more of my sweet babies - they have such a blast in the water...and honestly, this mommy has a pretty fun time, too!


  1. Cute cute!!! We love the pool too. My 2 yr old nephew isn't intimidated by anything either. When my brother tries to put his floaties on he starts screaming like "no da da, no da da, no!!!". If anyone ever heard & didn't know what was going on they'd swear he was being beat. Crazy kid!

  2. great pictures.
    your kiddos are so cute and I love under water pics

  3. So glad Emma is getting more comfortable with the water, that is great! I need to invest in a water proof case for my P&S.


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