Thursday, August 04, 2011

Making a Splash

When my current P&S plays out & it's time to replace it I am going to buy a waterproof one. With kids you aren't always in clean, dry places that are safe for your camera or phone. Which is sad b/c that just means you may miss some great shots of them. For now I decided to go ahead and buy a waterproof case for both my iPhone & for my P&S, so I won't have to worry about it when we play in the water or at the beach. 

Friday we took a half day off work & took the kids to the play in the water for the afternoon & I got to give it a try! I didn't use the one for my phone - just the one for my P&S. The reviews were great & I was thrilled with it! Sure - every once in a while there was a spot of water on the outside of the case that got in the picture, but that just adds to the reality of the picture I think!
It was so great to not miss out on actually playing in the water with the kids b/c I had keep a safe, dry distance with my camera if I wanted a picture!! I got to be right in there with them & Michael and take pictures while we played!

And I just had to share this picture...hubba hubba honey!!! ;) 


  1. how fun, I wish we had something like that around here! your kiddos are so cute

  2. What kind did you get? I could really use one. We have a pool & I miss so many pics because I have to get out to go get it because I keep it away from the pool so it doesn't get thrown in. Great pics too!

  3. Ooo these are so great - a water proof camera is an excellant idea!


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