Monday, August 29, 2011

Just what the doctor ordered...

By Saturday Emma seemed to be feeling a little better - still puny & her fever didn't get any higher than 99 degrees. So, we ventured out early Saturday morning for b'fast, did a little shopping & came back to the house. By that time both kids were ready to lay it down for a little bit, so I took advantage and did a little spring cleaning. Mostly around my kitchen - deep scrubbing on my fridge that was a bit over due! I also tackled all the dust, my floors & the fan blades. Okay, honestly I roped Michael into helping with the fan blades. When he saw me up on the step stool doing my little balancing act with the vacuum (b/c I use my brush extension first on then polish my fan blades), he told me to let him do it! What a sweetie he is! I also made a big pot of soup, deboned a rotisserie chicken & did a few loads of laundry all while the kids were resting. Timing worked out perfectly b/c just about the time I was done they started waking up...then it was off to the races! LOL

We headed out again for the afternoon, which turned into the evening & went to play for a while! The thermostat registered 117 degrees in the car so indoor fun was perfect for our evening. Can I just say now that I am over the horrible heat we're having down here!!!
Yep! You read that right. It says 117 degrees!!!! Seriously?!?!
Our day was so great, though - we had so much fun playing games & in one of the dining rooms they show a movie, so the kids were still being entertained while we ate our meal. It was a lot of fun - when we left to go home, Emma put her arms around me & said, "I had so much fun today!" - so, it was truly a perfect day!
Emma rode the train roller coaster first...all by herself like a big girl!!! Then they had a blast in the playground area - Aaron kept going UP the slide instead of the stairs & then sliding back down on his belly!
He loved crawling through the tunnels, too - I think he was trying to hide from us a couple of times! Hee hee!
They paired up on a few games, too! See Emma's mouth - I've decided when she's concentrating she does that b/c she did it all evening when she was playing various games! LOL
See what I mean - she's doing it again here!
Daddy got on a roll, too & won them a few stuffed animals from the claw machines!! Emma was gracious enough to give both of the Stewie dolls to Aaron when Daddy won a Pink Monster (Domo) for her! Ha!
Aaron found his favorite games, too! I think he liked the yellow one b/c there was a puppy on it & bouncing balls!
And in the end Emma had enough points racked up to get a Magic Wand - I think she slept with it the last two nights!!! It lights up and glows lots of colors...
It was a perfect day spent with my favorite people! And I'm so happy Emma is almost 100% back to her normal self. She had a great time & didn't let not feeling great stop her from having fun! She is back at school today & I pray I don't get a phone call saying she has fever again. I am so thankful that Aaron didn't get it, too, which if you have more than one kiddo you know isn't usually the case. When one is sick, everyone gets sick most often. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! I am behind on reading what everyone has been doing b/c between being so busy at work & home I haven't had much personal computer time at all! I hope to do a little catch up this week, though!!

Do you have big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?
Have a Happy Monday!


  1. 117 degrees!! Looks like you had a blast in the air conditioning!

  2. Ugh 117!! Yuck! It looks like y'all had a great day! So glad Emma's feeling better.

  3. Did you go to Incredible Pizza in Conroe??? We have one here in San Antonio; I too Conner weekend before last, and then he talked Memaw and Pawpaw into taking him again 3 days later! lol He likes the mini bowling and cosmic putt putt ;-)

  4. ooooo looks like so much fun! Do you ever get in there and play too? I am always wanting to do whatever my gal does even though the other moms seem to be giving me an eye. lol. Hope the rest of you stay healthy!!


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