I'm ready for this bright smile again...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
My baby girl isn't 100% right now. She spiked a fever Monday evening of 103 degrees. It broke by the time she went to bed, but woke up with it again Tuesday morning at 100 degrees...so she stayed home yesterday. She was fine during the day, no fever, no other symptoms except a hoarse voice & just not as perky as she usually is. Her throat isn't red & she doesn't say it hurts, though. Then last night after her bath she told me how cold she was & sure enough her fever was back - it was 102 degrees last night & 99 degrees this morning. It is so weird how it only comes up in the evening & through the morning, then it's gone all day long.

Since tonight we'll be going on 48 hours I am going to call her pediatrician this morning when they open & see if they can see her this afternoon. I've got back to back meetings all week & was able to rearrange some this afternoon to make sure I can take her in if they have an opening - I hope they don't make me wait until tomorrow. I want to get her well again soon. If it turns out they just say it's probably a virus, though I know there is nothing we can do but treat the fever with Tylenol, make sure she has plenty to drink, & wait it out. :(

Aaron is comforting her while she isn't feeling good!! He stayed home with her yesterday & today - so I'm sure she'll get plenty of rest! Yeah right - maybe while he's napping! LOL! He is so sweet to her these days, though - when he isn't trying to take things away from her, he'll just randomly walk up to her, put his little arms around her & give her a big hug!!! I love it - pulls at my mommy heart strings so!!