I love my brown eyed girl...

Monday, August 01, 2011
Last night after her bath I was brushing Emma's hair out - Aaron was in the room & Emma started talking about the fact that Aaron was the only one in the family with blue eyes. Then she said that she wished she had blue eyes, too instead of brown. I quickly informed her how much I loved her brown eyes & how beautiful brown eyes were...and I told her they even wrote a song about brown eyed girls! Well, that was it - we had to hear that song! So I pulled it up on You Tube & we spent the rest of the evening dancing in the kitchen with daddy & Aaron until bed time to Brown Eyed Girl!!!

I hope she'll remember nights like that forever...b/c I know that I surely will.

(I had an older cousin who I actually called uncle that never called me by name - he only called me Brown Eyes. Made me feel so special!)
Source: None via Hanna on Pinterest