Has it nearly been a week already???

Monday, August 22, 2011
Wow - I didn't realize that it had been nearly a week since I had last posted. Work & home have been crazy busy lately!!! We did some running around this weekend, had another b'day party, my parents came over to visit & just life in general - the daily stuff of picking up, putting up, cooking, cleaning, making time around all that for play & family...and well, some times the blog has to give up a little bit of time! 

And if you don't figure it out by the end of the post, this is going to be an iPhoneography post, too! :)

Friday night we decided to have a double date - we hadn't been out in a long time!! These two handsome men were our escorts for the evening! I'd say Emma & I were a couple of lucky ladies!

We haven't spent nearly as much time outside as we like to - it's just way too hot! We've been going out in the backyard a lot of evenings about 30 minutes before bedtime & it's still ridiculously hot. We are going on day 22 of three digit heat here. When will it stop???
We did cool off in the pool Saturday...and it was soooo relaxing!
Sunday evening we were able to take a little walk & it was actually quite nice! I had to keep telling Aaron to sit down, though - he wanted to jump out a couple of times to go site seeing on his own! LOL! And Emma kept coming up with "great new games" for us to play that were her various versions of I Spy! I loved it!!!

Sunday night was a little down time & relaxation time & a time where we were just being a little silly, too!!
At least Emma & I were being a little silly!
After she looked at these pictures she told me that next time we do this & we point out tongues out I'm supposed to open up my eyes real wide like she did in the last picture! Got it - I'll remember that for next time!