Monday, August 08, 2011

Feathers...Pink, of course!

Emma recently wanted to get a feather in her hair & I thought it would be cute, so this past weekend we went to get one. "We" got feathers b/c Emma said she wanted Mommy to get one "just like her"!! So, she picked out matching feathers for us - pink, of course - and now we're both styling! 
Getting a feather! Pink, of course!

 I actually thought about doing them myself b/c it isn't hard at all, but the feathers I found online to purchase were a lot more than just going to a salon to get them done. She loves it, though and that's what matters! It's so fun to go do girlie stuff with her like this that daddy just "doesn't get"!!


  1. my daughters are harassing me for some. since there are a zillion of us, it's cheaper for me to do them so I'm going to order some.

  2. So cute! Matching hair... oh I can't wait until my daughter grows some.

  3. Hi there

    Looks great and thats just one more reason I want to have a girl baby!!!

  4. Too cute! I had some blue ones in my hair and I'm an adult! I'm sure she loves them :)

  5. Very cute! I was thinking about getting some hair flair next time I was at the salon, they look pretty neat.


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