Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post-Its & Pinterest Tuesday

New Pins

I love Brie - so I cannot WAIT to try this one!

This is just smart!!

I made a few of these this week! I was pretty impressed with how they turned out - now I just need some new colors of yarn!

I don't understand being rude, just to be rude! There are times, maybe, when a situation warrants a little sternness, but just b/c it's your personality doesn't! I see it on the road more than anywhere else these days, too - I'm trying to get to a destination just like you friend!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Just what the doctor ordered...

By Saturday Emma seemed to be feeling a little better - still puny & her fever didn't get any higher than 99 degrees. So, we ventured out early Saturday morning for b'fast, did a little shopping & came back to the house. By that time both kids were ready to lay it down for a little bit, so I took advantage and did a little spring cleaning. Mostly around my kitchen - deep scrubbing on my fridge that was a bit over due! I also tackled all the dust, my floors & the fan blades. Okay, honestly I roped Michael into helping with the fan blades. When he saw me up on the step stool doing my little balancing act with the vacuum (b/c I use my brush extension first on then polish my fan blades), he told me to let him do it! What a sweetie he is! I also made a big pot of soup, deboned a rotisserie chicken & did a few loads of laundry all while the kids were resting. Timing worked out perfectly b/c just about the time I was done they started waking up...then it was off to the races! LOL

We headed out again for the afternoon, which turned into the evening & went to play for a while! The thermostat registered 117 degrees in the car so indoor fun was perfect for our evening. Can I just say now that I am over the horrible heat we're having down here!!!
Yep! You read that right. It says 117 degrees!!!! Seriously?!?!
Our day was so great, though - we had so much fun playing games & in one of the dining rooms they show a movie, so the kids were still being entertained while we ate our meal. It was a lot of fun - when we left to go home, Emma put her arms around me & said, "I had so much fun today!" - so, it was truly a perfect day!
Emma rode the train roller coaster first...all by herself like a big girl!!! Then they had a blast in the playground area - Aaron kept going UP the slide instead of the stairs & then sliding back down on his belly!
He loved crawling through the tunnels, too - I think he was trying to hide from us a couple of times! Hee hee!
They paired up on a few games, too! See Emma's mouth - I've decided when she's concentrating she does that b/c she did it all evening when she was playing various games! LOL
See what I mean - she's doing it again here!
Daddy got on a roll, too & won them a few stuffed animals from the claw machines!! Emma was gracious enough to give both of the Stewie dolls to Aaron when Daddy won a Pink Monster (Domo) for her! Ha!
Aaron found his favorite games, too! I think he liked the yellow one b/c there was a puppy on it & bouncing balls!
And in the end Emma had enough points racked up to get a Magic Wand - I think she slept with it the last two nights!!! It lights up and glows lots of colors...
It was a perfect day spent with my favorite people! And I'm so happy Emma is almost 100% back to her normal self. She had a great time & didn't let not feeling great stop her from having fun! She is back at school today & I pray I don't get a phone call saying she has fever again. I am so thankful that Aaron didn't get it, too, which if you have more than one kiddo you know isn't usually the case. When one is sick, everyone gets sick most often. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! I am behind on reading what everyone has been doing b/c between being so busy at work & home I haven't had much personal computer time at all! I hope to do a little catch up this week, though!!

Do you have big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?
Have a Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm ready for this bright smile again...

My baby girl isn't 100% right now. She spiked a fever Monday evening of 103 degrees. It broke by the time she went to bed, but woke up with it again Tuesday morning at 100 degrees...so she stayed home yesterday. She was fine during the day, no fever, no other symptoms except a hoarse voice & just not as perky as she usually is. Her throat isn't red & she doesn't say it hurts, though. Then last night after her bath she told me how cold she was & sure enough her fever was back - it was 102 degrees last night & 99 degrees this morning. It is so weird how it only comes up in the evening & through the morning, then it's gone all day long.

Since tonight we'll be going on 48 hours I am going to call her pediatrician this morning when they open & see if they can see her this afternoon. I've got back to back meetings all week & was able to rearrange some this afternoon to make sure I can take her in if they have an opening - I hope they don't make me wait until tomorrow. I want to get her well again soon. If it turns out they just say it's probably a virus, though I know there is nothing we can do but treat the fever with Tylenol, make sure she has plenty to drink, & wait it out. :(

Aaron is comforting her while she isn't feeling good!! He stayed home with her yesterday & today - so I'm sure she'll get plenty of rest! Yeah right - maybe while he's napping! LOL! He is so sweet to her these days, though - when he isn't trying to take things away from her, he'll just randomly walk up to her, put his little arms around her & give her a big hug!!! I love it - pulls at my mommy heart strings so!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Has it nearly been a week already???

Wow - I didn't realize that it had been nearly a week since I had last posted. Work & home have been crazy busy lately!!! We did some running around this weekend, had another b'day party, my parents came over to visit & just life in general - the daily stuff of picking up, putting up, cooking, cleaning, making time around all that for play & family...and well, some times the blog has to give up a little bit of time! 

And if you don't figure it out by the end of the post, this is going to be an iPhoneography post, too! :)

Friday night we decided to have a double date - we hadn't been out in a long time!! These two handsome men were our escorts for the evening! I'd say Emma & I were a couple of lucky ladies!

We haven't spent nearly as much time outside as we like to - it's just way too hot! We've been going out in the backyard a lot of evenings about 30 minutes before bedtime & it's still ridiculously hot. We are going on day 22 of three digit heat here. When will it stop???
We did cool off in the pool Saturday...and it was soooo relaxing!
Sunday evening we were able to take a little walk & it was actually quite nice! I had to keep telling Aaron to sit down, though - he wanted to jump out a couple of times to go site seeing on his own! LOL! And Emma kept coming up with "great new games" for us to play that were her various versions of I Spy! I loved it!!!

Sunday night was a little down time & relaxation time & a time where we were just being a little silly, too!!
At least Emma & I were being a little silly!
After she looked at these pictures she told me that next time we do this & we point out tongues out I'm supposed to open up my eyes real wide like she did in the last picture! Got it - I'll remember that for next time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post-It Note & Pin It Tuesday...b/c it's a linky kind of day!

If I didn't have such a busy day/week I think I would have hit the snooze once more this morning. Going to bed with a migraine is bad, but waking up with one is so much worse. I'm thankful today for my Imitrex - it gets me back to a state where I can function. My lights are low in my office & Adele is singing softly in the background. I think hope by the time lunch has come & gone I'll be feeling normal again...

That being said...

Source: etsy.com via Hanna on Pinterest

And b/c what's a post w/out pictures...and b/c I think these two are so adorable:
Pictures from our playtime last week - Emma was giving a concert & this was her stage. I guess Aaron was a groupie, b/c he got past security and got up on stage with her!!!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Weekend Recap

August 14th & 15th we have three b'days in our family - my great-niece Isabel who celebrated her 5th birthday (her party was actually last weekend), my niece Katelynn who turned 4 & my Grannie who turned 97 this year! This weekend we celebrate the latter two birthdays.

Saturday we drove out to a really cool restaurant where Katelynn's birthday was hosted - it was so much fun! Good food, fun atmosphere & the kids got to feed animals and go on a pony ride. Emma thought the pony was so cool b/c it had hot pink hair!
Aaron, of course, was so concerned with the pony's fashion sense!
He did, however, have his own cowboy style! I don't think that's how you're supposed to wear it Aaron! LOL
Practicing for the real ride!!
Happy Birthday Katelynn!!!

When the birthday celebrations were over we loaded back up & headed out of town for the rest of the weekend to celebrate my Grannie's 97th Birthday. Our family took up five pews at church Sunday morning - and that was just a few of us that made it. Grannie loved that we were all there with her Sunday morning, though.
Mother & Grannie - two of my favorite women!!!
Me & three of my siblings being silly!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

These are the faces that rock my world!

Last night we went out in the backyard to play - well, actually while I was cleaning up I heard Emma say, "Aaron you wanna go play outside?" Next thing I knew I heard the backdoor open & close. It sounded like such a good idea, so Michael & I followed to go play. (Michael ended up working in the backyard after a bit, b/c that's what Michael does!!)

Aaron has learned to climb the slide all on his own - and yes, my son was outside in a diaper and pj top - so he kept going up and down the slide over and over and over again!! This face "gets" - I mean how mischievous and adorable does this look all at the same time????
Doesn't he look mischevious?
I don't remember now what it was that Emma was telling us about, but she was very animated about it, I know that!
She was telling us about something!
Michael does not like that camera to point his way - when I do he usually makes a goofy face so I won't take a picture - so I just sat there (I was on the ground) with the camera pointed up at him till he made a regular smile...he finally tried to reach down and put his hand in front of the lens, but I snapped just before he covered it up!!!
Trying to grab the camera from me...
We played outside till the kids were both sweaty & tired...and mommy, too...then headed in for bath & bed! Playing hard usually makes for a good night's sleep! 


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