WILW & Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, July 06, 2011
This week I am so proud of my little girl!!! I'm LOVING how well she is doing in gymnastics! Her coach mentioned moving her up into the KinderGym class a couple of times b/c she was doing so well. Well, last night they decided it was time to give her a trial class with them, so next week we won't go to our regular Tuesday class, but we'll go on Wednesday instead & given that all goes well that will be her new class permanently!!
Way to go Emma!!!
I'm also LOVING the awesome rain we received yesterday - though it did knock out our power for an hour, but it was still so great to get the rain! Aaron loved it, too! Michael brought him outside in just his diaper yesterday when we got home from gymnastics & he splashed around in all the puddles with the big kids - he was filthy by the time we went in! He had a great time, though.

I'm LOVING that my mother is now cancer free (pancreatic cancer) for FIVE YEARS and after her last appointment yesterday she now only has to go back once a year for a check up instead of every three months - and no more CT Scans. We are so blessed!!! Pancreatic Cancer has about a 3% survival rate - but I don't think you can put a rate on the healing that prayer does - the healing that our Lord does!!!
We love you Mom!

And I'm LOVING my awesome hubby!!!
Hubby took me to lunch & then shopping today!