Weekend in Pics...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
We had such a fun & busy weekend! So here is the quick recap followed by pics!!

Friday was game night - Friends all came over & we played Minute to Win It! on the Wii and a variety of other games!
Saturday we were up early & spent the first half of the day at Splashtown, followed by long naps, of course, and a movie night with pallets on the living room floor (saw The Princess & the Frog for the first time).  
Sunday we went to church then had our annual 4th of July Block party - I attempted Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes - they were good, but as a lesson don't always follow all the directions to the letter (pics will explain).  
Monday morning Michael went fishing & caught our dinner - the kids & I went to my parents' house for Mickey Mouse pancakes & to check on my daddy (he had knee surgery Friday) - then we had a quick lunch out & some play time followed by frozen yogurt. When we got home Aaron went down for a nap so Emma & I went to get pretty toes! She picked out HOT PINK of course w/ blue flowers! For dinner Michael cooked up the fish he caught that morning & we ended our long weekend with another movie night & pallets on the floor! LOVED our long weekend & all the great time with family & friends!!
Game Night - they were trying to figure out the Minute to Win It challenge! LOL
The directions on the box of ice cream cones said to use 1/4c per cone...ummmmm, I think that was too much!
b/c while some looked great...
others did not...
In the end they were tasty & all 24 were gone by the end of the night!

A few block party pics...
 Emma made Mickey Mouse pancakes (with Teta's help)!
And I have the most awesomest hubby - he went up to help Aaron through the tunnels to the slide!
At Orange Leaf - Emma's yogurt is always full of berries...and a gummy worm or two!
While Aaron is fine with just the berries - that's a bowl of blueberries!
Our Pretty Toes
And after this we settled in for dinner & Despicable Me (did you like that movie? I wasn't impressed)!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a great holiday!