Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Weeks & Still Looks Good

I think this weekend I might still go get them redone b/c you can tell how much my nails have grown out. I have to say, though I was quite impressed with the shellac manicure. I did hear a couple of stories where people said their nails were thinned out - I think b/c you have to soak your nails in acetone to remove the polish. And I also heard a couple of stories where people said the technician actually filed or drilled down the top of their nail (like you do for acrylic/solar nails) - but the lady who did mine did not do that at all & it's been great.
Day One

(FYI: Labels done with LabelBox app - Great new find!)


  1. They look great - I could probably use a manicure, but I keep it clean. I can't keep them up.

  2. ive been wanting to get the shellac done so badly. im just gunna have to do it one day! im horrible at making appointments.

    my sis' salon does them but i think they use gelish (something like that) and it's supposed to be better..? either way. i want.

  3. Dang, that is really impressive. I swear when I get a manicure they are chipped before I even walk out the door and that is with me trying my hardest so to me that is a miracle and an amazing manicure if they held up that well!! Look amazing!

  4. I get gel nails. Before we went to the beach I got Shellac on them for the first time & so far they look great.

  5. Well, I'm certainly impressed! Mine don't last for 3 days let alone 2 weeks!


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