Subway Art - Children Edition

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
I'm not a HUGE fan of the subway word art that is such a craze these days. A few select ones I've seen I do really like, but would be limited on where it would fit within my house. I did think it would be fun to do one with family names, but since there are only four of us it would be a tiny one! LOL! I did think one with the line from a favorite book, though would be very cute for a kid's room. So, last week I was playing around in PS & made this one. I thought it turned out pretty good & continued to play with it & made several others in various colors. The blue & the green are my favorite. The yellow & pink are kinda hard to read honestly...
(to read well you really need to click & enlarge these smaller ones)

I love this book - I cry every time I read it.

If you like this feel free to leave a comment with your email & I'll send you the original to print.