Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Subway Art - Children Edition

I'm not a HUGE fan of the subway word art that is such a craze these days. A few select ones I've seen I do really like, but would be limited on where it would fit within my house. I did think it would be fun to do one with family names, but since there are only four of us it would be a tiny one! LOL! I did think one with the line from a favorite book, though would be very cute for a kid's room. So, last week I was playing around in PS & made this one. I thought it turned out pretty good & continued to play with it & made several others in various colors. The blue & the green are my favorite. The yellow & pink are kinda hard to read honestly...
(to read well you really need to click & enlarge these smaller ones)

I love this book - I cry every time I read it.

If you like this feel free to leave a comment with your email & I'll send you the original to print.


  1. We had a teacher in high school who would randomly read that book in english class and by the end of it she'd be a blubbering mess. Of course we were teenagers and didn't understand and so it was really AWKWARD. LOL!

  2. Oh my... that book always makes me cry. That and the story of Little Teddy Stoddard (that one gets to me because it's about a teacher/student) Here's the link- http://www.hillside-communitychurch.org/Inspiration/Little%20Teddy%20Stoddard.pdf

  3. I love that book too. These prints are so adorable! That yellow is my favorite - good for a girl or a boy.

  4. Ahh I love this! That quote was from my favorite book when I was little..ahh brings back cute memories!

  5. That is the best book!! IT makes me cry too and I remember my teacher reading it to us in elementary school. Soooo touching! That is areally adorable print too!! I like the blue and green also.

  6. I love this book! Could you please email me the original? Is there any way to change up the colors? Like maybe make the font gray and filled in so it looks more noticeable? My daughter's nursery is light pink and gray and this would be adorable! Thanks so much! My email is cortneybmanning@gmail.com


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