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Thursday, July 21, 2011
To Pinterest! Yes, it's true. Pinterest = Crack!! I love this site! I have found & pinned so much great stuff. I just can't get enough of it! Whether it's recipes, crafts, decor, organization or just something pretty - it's all captivating.

Here are a few of my recent pins & repins...

 Great alternative to a boring dry erase board!

This just looks so yummy! And pretty, too!

Emma would love helping with this project - she loves to cut stuff out.

And I have books that have a few pages torn, this would be great to do with other pages instead of trashing the whole book!

I WISH I had seen this before Aaron was born - so would have made this for him!

I have a board for WORDS - I see tons of quotes that I like to save "just because"!

This one cracks me up - I can't wait to do this for the kids! Emma will get a kick out of this!

This is a great idea - Peeps are so cute, but not everyone likes them - so this is a great way to use them up after Easter if you find yourself with an abundance of them!
And Pinterest even has a great iPhone app, too! I love the visual aspect of Pinterest so much more than just boring old Bookmarking stuff! And browsing what other people have already pinned is so cool b/c it gets some of the searching for stuff out of the way b/c someone else has already found it! Now, as I go through my Google Reads I pin all the cool stuff I read about, too so others can repin what I've already searched out, too!

So, if you don't have an account & want one let me know - I have invites to send out! Then you can follow me on Pinterest, too - just click the link below to see my boards!

Happy Pinning!

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