Drive-In Movies, Pool Time & Out With Friends...

Monday, July 11, 2011
That just about sums up our weekend...and in that order!

I just wanna say these are the best floaties I've ever seen!! The safest and a great way to help kids learn to swim (and NO I wasn't asked to review these or anything - we just have them & think they're wonderful)...

In the pool this weekend I literally just put Aaron in & let him go! Now, of course I was close by and we played, but I didn't hold him or anything except moving him around with me...his face was always out of the water and if he got tired (when you think his face might drop in the water) he rolled to his back and just floated like that & his face could not turn into the water.
(this pic didn't come out as clear, but it's the only one with Aaron floating all on his own - I wanted to show how these floaties kept his head out of the water)

They were great for Emma, too who loves the water but is timid about being away from the edge - till now! She really trusts these things & was able to swim all over the pool with no assistance! She loved it & it's really helping her learn to swim & not be so afraid. Aaron, on the other hand, has no fear whatsoever, but with these floaties I didn't have to worry about it b/c if he did get off the steps (which he did a couple of times) he just swam around with no problem!!!
Emma was even jumping off to let Jemma catch her after a while!
 Besides the water, Aaron enjoyed some cupcakes!!
We also went to the drive-in this weekend with friends Friday night, which was a first for us all - I have to admit Aaron is actually a little too young for the movies still and in this kind of environment he wasn't thinking of sitting still to watch a movie. He was outside, which to him just meant play time and time to run around everywhere! It was a late movie so he actually crashed not long into the movie & that turned out to be a good thing! LOL. It sure was a blast, though and I can't wait to go back - when Aaron is older! Emma thought it was pretty cool, too!
The kids all had a blast! And the movie (Cars 2) was so cute - if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend!
Saturday after relaxing in the pool we had some adult only time out with friends! We went out for Japanese food & I had warm Sake for the first time - I wish I could say I liked it...but no! We had a great night out, though and our friends had never had Japanese so it was fun to introduce them to something new, too!
Out with friends! Tried Sake for the first time, too!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend...this week is gonna be another busy one, but that makes 'em go by faster...right!!!