Aaron Loves the Magna Doodle

Friday, July 08, 2011
Well, I don't know if he'll be a write or an artist, but this boy just LOVES the magna doodle! I guess I need to buy a few of those little travel ones to keep in the car. We have a small one at home and Emma has a big one that is at my parents' house and this one in the pictures Aaron brought home from the sitter's house...so I need to just get him his own travel sized magna doodle or two or three and keep them all around! He does not put down the one we have at home! He wags is all over the place & writes on it all the time!
I love the picture below on the left. He looks like he is contemplating what it is he wants to write - like he is trying to figure out how to express himself!!
I also wanted to share the beautiful sky we saw this morning on the way to school...and the sitter's house...and to work - we make the rounds in the early morning!!!
Isn't it so pretty??