Friday, June 03, 2011

Yay for Friday!

Finally...even though it was a short week I've been ready for Friday since Tuesday! :)
So, since it's Friday I give you the Happy Dance!!

Tonight is game night! My parents are coming over to take on Michael & me! Michael has discovered his love for Gin & Daddy says it's an Egyptian game so he's gonna "teach" us how to play tonight! LOL - I think the competition is going to be fierce!!! I'm also making homemade pizza again tonight. Canadian Bacon & Pineapple for one & PW's Taco Pizza for the other.
Doesn't this look delicious??
(PW's Photo...not mine)

Only her recipe calls for dough you have to let rise & the yeast I used I didn't have to let my dough rise. Much faster that way & was still very good! I'm using two different mixes for dough this time. One is using the Fleischmann's Pizza Dough Yeast that I used last time & I also found one by Jiffy (I use Jiffy for my cornbread w/ a few of my own flavors added, though).
I'll let you know which turns out better!

I wanted to share the cuteness that is my son! He doesn't stop much or watch TV much - but if Sports are on he's right up at the TV pointing & saying "Ball, Ball"! The things that he actually will sit down to watch are - don't laugh - Wheel of Fortune and Moose A Moose (I think it's Moose's voice that captivates him).

He's so cute sitting there holding his feet captivated by whatever he is seeing!


  1. YUM!!! that is some bomb looking pizza. That PW is one talented gal huh. ANd how CUTE that your little guy watches sports and notices the ball. Daisy isn't really into balls but, some of my friends kids are. I love when they have a fascination with something!! He is such a love bug! Love the happy dance figure up top;0

  2. That dancing stick man is too cute! The pizza looks and sounds delicious! ;)

  3. YUM!!!! That looks amazing!


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