Yay for Friday!

Friday, June 03, 2011
Finally...even though it was a short week I've been ready for Friday since Tuesday! :)
So, since it's Friday I give you the Happy Dance!!

Tonight is game night! My parents are coming over to take on Michael & me! Michael has discovered his love for Gin & Daddy says it's an Egyptian game so he's gonna "teach" us how to play tonight! LOL - I think the competition is going to be fierce!!! I'm also making homemade pizza again tonight. Canadian Bacon & Pineapple for one & PW's Taco Pizza for the other.
Doesn't this look delicious??
(PW's Photo...not mine)

Only her recipe calls for dough you have to let rise & the yeast I used I didn't have to let my dough rise. Much faster that way & was still very good! I'm using two different mixes for dough this time. One is using the Fleischmann's Pizza Dough Yeast that I used last time & I also found one by Jiffy (I use Jiffy for my cornbread w/ a few of my own flavors added, though).
I'll let you know which turns out better!

I wanted to share the cuteness that is my son! He doesn't stop much or watch TV much - but if Sports are on he's right up at the TV pointing & saying "Ball, Ball"! The things that he actually will sit down to watch are - don't laugh - Wheel of Fortune and Moose A Moose (I think it's Moose's voice that captivates him).

He's so cute sitting there holding his feet captivated by whatever he is seeing!