Wednesday, June 01, 2011

WILW & Wordless Wednesday {it's never wordless}

I've always liked to shop at Kohl's - I think it's my favorite clothing store...well, there and NY&Co. Simply Vera, Daisy Fuentes & Apt9 are my favorites! I love these few new things I've bought there recently!
My Silpada bracelets - there are only a few of the Silpada products that I really like & I love this set I bought!
Loving all the fun we had last night building & coloring our house!
(please excuse the shoddy pic)

Loving all the great time we got to spend with family this weekend!

Loving the great friends we have!
and all the yummy crawfish we've had lately...
and this awesome man who cooks it all for us!!!

And I'm loving this short work week!!!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. Love those heels and bracelets! And I agree, short weeks are the best. :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. LOVE every thing on this post! Looks like you had a fun filled weekend!

  3. Cute stuff! I need to go to Kohls!

  4. The house your kiddos are coloring brought back memories of that Mary Martin version of Peter Pan (the musical, live action one) when they build a little house for Wendy. :)


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