WILW & Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
I've mentioned recently our 2011 Kubeczka Home Projects are well under way! Well, a BIG part of it is almost finished & I'm LOVING it!! I can't wait till it's all done & I'll do a total reveal - but today I'm posting a little sneak peak!

First though, I need to show you what I was working with before so you can really appreciate this part of the home projects!
Okay - see this teensy weensy little space? Well, that is was my laundry room! One little cubby hanging over my washer. That terrible corner intruding into the room to give another corner to the garage - something that never made sense to me! All that wasted wall space that should be filled with cabinets. ZERO counter tops. 
 Well, that's all changed! We aren't 100% done, but I'm just too excited not to share a quick picture I snapped with my phone of my favorite part of my new laundry room!
And look at that corner taking up space in there! Oh, that's right - you can't b/c it isn't there anymore!!! Don't worry, I didn't take my hubby's storage space away. He actually has way more now believe it or not - that was another part of the projects - shelving in the garage that goes on for days! He doesn't have enough stuff to fill it all. Oh man, I hope that doesn't give him any ideas!!! 

The kitchen pantry also has a couple shelves added, three rooms got new paint & two rooms got new light fixtures. We still have some work to do before we're finished, but when I came home yesterday to this beautiful site I knew I couldn't contain my excitement till we were completely finished! I just have no self control that way! :)