What I'm Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'm loving Emma's new adventure - I think we're hooked! After her class last night - her FIRST gymnastics class - Emma said, "I want to do it again!!" I told her she surely would - next week, to which she replied, "No...now!!" I think she liked it, what do you think??

And this proud mamma has to share - afterwards the instructor came out to talk to me & asked me how old Emma was - or when would she be 5. I told her not till December & she said, "Well, let me observe her for a couple more classes, but I might move her up into the next class. She did really well & I think she would be great for the next class up!!"

I really like this place, too and I love how small the classes are. I think they cap them at 5, but there were only 4 in her class last night. They warm up the 3yr olds and the 4yr olds together & then they are split up for their separate classes. Those little 3yr olds were so cute, too - with those little chubby legs coming out of their leotards! I didn't realize the difference in that year and a half since Emma was 3. She isn't a baby at all anymore, but a little girl...with long legs!!
 (taken through the glass with my iPhone)

I'm also loving my hubby - we took Aaron with us last night & found out quick that was a mistake...he was all over and we weren't getting to watch Emma b/c we kept walking around behind Aaron making sure he didn't get into anything (not that there was really much he could get into from the waiting area). I thought he would watch Emma through the glass with us & he did...for a very short while!!

So, after a bit Michael said, "I'll just take him & we will go to McD's & he can eat & play." When they came back to pick us up Michael told Emma, "Since Daddy had to leave I brought you a Happy Meal!" He's acts like a harda$$, but he's really just a big softy!! :-) So, last night after Aaron went to bed we let Emma stay up a little later so she could show her daddy all the moves she did in class!

It was a great evening!!